Birthday Photo Montage

Forgive me, this post is more pictures than actual words! I thought that it would be a nice way to catch the family up on things. I always enjoy posts that include photos which tell you more about a blogger, details of their lives. I hope you enjoy my birthday photo montage :)

 Eleven years ago, all 8 lbs 9 oz of Riley Mae entered the world. I had a fabulous natural delivery, but what I most remember is the nurse that sat by my side holding my hand the entire time. She was so gentle, quiet and kind. Sadly, I don't even remember her name. She was an angel. :)

 Big sister, Jordan, takes a turn holding. My kids were always so grubby, playing in the dirt, running with the chickens, wrestling with the dogs! Jordan looks like a homeless vagabond! If you click here, it'll take you back to a post of mine last month, Jordan's b'day. I posted a picture of Jordan then, freshly hatched. She looks remarkably like Riley. In fact, when I look back on early pictures of all three girls, I have to put the photo in context (what house are we in, what dogs are around) or I usually can't tell them apart!

Biggest sister, Taylor. Another grubby kid. Part of our nightly routine was an evening bath, every night. Partly to unwind before bed, mostly to wipe off the accumulated grime of the day! ;)

 Part of our birthday tradition is 'the picking of the meal.' It is planned and anticipated a week or two in advance. The birthday girl got to select her most favorite dishes for lunch. First up, zucchini sauteed in coconut oil, still steaming in the photo. Riley likes this veggie, but in truth, it's actually one of my most favorites. I may have given her slight encouragement in this direction... ;)

 Garlic and herb roasted potatoes, with some added cayenne kick. We could eat these everyday!

 Sesame tempeh bites ~ yummy! We easily finished them off.
And for dessert, a vanilla cake topped with delicious strawberries! The meal was 100% healthy and organic (yes, even the cake). Eating without guilt is a wonderful thing! :)

Yesterday, the day of the party, was a stunner. Crystal clear blue skies and warm temps. No jackets needed and most of the kids were minus socks and shoes. Willie is so happy to be in the sun again. He was moaning and groaning as he rolled in the greening grass!

 Scavenger hunt was a success, I only messed up a little bit! As many hunts as I've done, I always screw up something! That's okay, all had fun, and eventually ended up with a goody bag. Here Mom and my niece, Maddie, figure out the next clue. Here's one of the hiding spots, they found their next clue waiting beneath the rat cage! ;)
Her tail is all some choose to see,
It's really such a shame.
So cute and sweet, my little pal,
And completely potty-trained!

Small gathering, mostly family, tons of fun. This was before our relay race, my team lost. :( Riley Mae is in the back holding her little cousin. As usual, everyone is making delightfully sweet faces. ;)
My three girls and their cousin, Maddie. They always have tons of fun when together. My sister was kind enough to pull them out of school early to make it to the party on time. I'm sure they didn't mind... ;)

They wrapped up the party with popcorn and a movie. Mmmm, popcorn smothered in coconut oil and sea salt. They attack it like they haven't eaten in days. I couldn't wait to clean the house this morning... kernels everywhere... where was Willie when all this was happening?

And so, today is a quiet day. Presents this morning, some birthday phone calls from Uncle Jody, Gramma, Grampa and the cousins. Some chick snuggling and an afternoon walk.
All is all I'd say it was another successful birthday. Happy birthday Riley Mae!

Me and my girls. (plus one tiny niece)

If any of these recipes entice anyone, please feel free to contact me with your email address (sending a message through Simply Smitten would probably be easiest) and I'd be happy to share them with you! :)

Peace ~ Melinda