Garland Crowns Feature

Silver Mermaid
Happy Thursday blogger friends! :) Last month I held my first ever poll, and as promised the winner received a feature. As a result of that, we all had the pleasure of meeting Noa Jordan and her adorable felted designs. As I mentioned, I did encounter some weird blogger blip and some votes mysteriously disappeared... I thought it only fair to give the runner up a feature also, just in case she was accidentally shorted some votes herself! So,today I'd like to introduce you to Kathleen of Garland Crowns on Etsy.  

Could you give me at least 5 words or phrases that describe you Kathleen? Focused, imaginative, open minded, ambitious and meticulous.   

How did you find out about Etsy, and what led you to opening your own shop? My daughter told me about Etsy.  It’s proving to be the perfect  resource to display my creations to a niche market.

Roses for Dia de los Muertos
Is garland crown making a hobby, or would you like to turn this into a full time business?  My wish is to take it somewhere in between a hobby and a full time business. My goal is experiencing the satisfaction of creating a wearable piece of art and knowing the joy of someone wanting to wear it.  

Your crowns are really original, where did the inspiration come from?  I love costumes.  I’ve put together many full outfits but sometimes there’s a need for a spur of the moment costume. A Garland Crown can condense the festivity of a complete costume into a single head piece. I enjoy the challenge of creating art to convey a theme or holiday.  

Reggae Crown
Where do you envision people wearing your creations?  I envision people wearing Garland Crowns at festivals, ceremonies, conventions and celebrations; in performances or in parades, at costume parties and masquerade balls. Garland Crowns are perfect for occasions that call for unique and memorable dress.  

Who are your biggest supporters? I’m happy to say that people in the public eye like musicians, performers, the bellydance community and of course, my friends and family have all been very supportive.

Rainbow Pride
Are there any other places can people find you (Facebook, Twitter, Blog?) So far, Etsy is the best place to find my work.  My email is and a website is in the works.

Is there is anything more you'd like us to know about you or your business Kathleen? Thank you so much, Melinda. I’d like to add that each crown is a unique blend of costume and personal expression designed to compliment an ensemble or promote an event.  A Garland Crown is wearable art and can be customized to reflect your purpose and passion. 

I'd like to congratulate Kathleen on her first Etsy sale! Even two years later I still remember the joy of seeing 'Etsy Transaction' appear in my inbox for the first time! I can't say it's any less exciting today! ;) Thanks so much Kathleen :)

SOLD!!! Mermaid Gold
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, it's raining here in CT with the possibibity of thunderstorms later on. Fingers crossed, I feverishly adore a good thunderstorm! The grass is a gorgeously green explosion... I forsee the first mowing next week! ;)

Peace ~ Melinda