Full to Bursting

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful, giving, loving mothers out there. Some days we wish we could do better, others we know we couldn't improve if we tried. It's all part of the journey, embrace it with gratitude. :) I thought I'd share some photos of my Mother's Day celebration. It was a quiet, lovely day, and I got to hang out with my tremendously awesome mom for awhile. I made the lunch as a gift to myself. I love to eat, so I picked all my favorites and ate until I couldn't move! Yummy!

I'm going to post a poll on the side of the blog today with all of the goodies we enjoyed at lunch. Vote for your favorite and I'll post the recipe... one of these days! ;)

Organic salad fixins with some sauteed mushrooms/onions/basil to top it off. And a salad wouldn't be complete without something crunchy, toasted sunflower seeds will do the trick!

Roasted cauliflower, with a little bit of chili kick!

Herbed roasted potatoes, one of the favorites in this house!

My mom provided some brownies for dessert, so yummy slathered with peanut butter for dessert!

Tomato soup with basil, one of my all time favorite meals!

The girls left little goodies on both my plate and my mom's

Here's what I found inside: earrings from Jordan and Riley and a personalized bookmark from Tay

I was so full here, I wasn't able to move freely yet! ;)

The girls and I just snapped this selfie, it's about as good as selfies get! ;)

Ooops, almost forgot this beauty that Taylor made me. I think I'll find a spot in my studio for it!

I forgot to get a picture of me and mom like I wanted before she left today. This is from a couple of years ago. I searched in vain for a great photo of us, but couldn't find it anywhere. Now I've got photo albums scattered all around my bedroom! Check out the CRAZY grin on Riley! ;)

 And so, that was my day. I hope that you all enjoyed yours equally as much. Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you all! :) Now, off to bathe stinky Willie who also decided to give me a gift today. He found something ripe and terribly stinky in the yard... and rolled in it. He found the scent so irresistible that he wanted to share it with me. Thank you Willie. :)