Lack? Never!

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I've decided it's time to invest energy into my Artfire Studio. I've spent hours figuring out the site, finding my way around. I figured a great way to learn was to create a collection! It was fun (and much easier than curating a treasury on Etsy). I'm going to create one a day for a week, start getting my name out there. Yesterday was pink, today will be red, tomorrow orange... you get the idea! ;)
I woke up yesterday feeling out of balance once again. I mean, really, twice in one week? I did my best to rise above it, but after a short temper doing school with the girls (Shush Taylor, Jordan and Riley!), and more than a couple moments of irritation, I wondered if maybe this disconnect wasn't trying to tell me something (duh.) It finally hit me, my issues were coming from lack. Lack of time, and the feelings of pressure that creates.

Now, for the record, any feeling of lack stems from a distorted perspective. I deal with each of them in just the same way. Lack of money for example? I remember that there is more than enough money in the world, I just need to turn on the flow of abundance. Money then appears, sometimes from random and weird places...;) If I believe and know it will be there (despite what my checkbook or bank statement says), than it always is. Without fail. I know this sounds like crazy talk, but I've lived and practiced this for a couple of years now, and it is now a reality of mine. I'm hardly a millionaire, not because I couldn't be, but because I don't care enough. Money is fun. It can buy fun things. Like beautiful paintings, books, or new craft supplies. It cannot buy me joy, peace or happiness however, and those trump money any day. :) I realized I don't need tons of money to be happy, but it sure can make this journey a fun one!

So, I knew that my lack of time was my issue, and mine alone. I reminded myself that there is enough time in the day, it's a matter of prioritizing. How to create more time in my jam packed day? What matters most to me? What must get done for my personal happiness? Cooking is a must. Keeping the house neat and uncluttered is a must. School is a must. Creating is a must. My business is a must. Walking is a must. On and on I went down the list, until I reached blogging. My moment of clarity arrived. I realized I spend so much time reading blogs, that I often don't even have time to write my own posts, and I love to blog. I do enjoy reading other blogs, and I've learned so many things, but it was time to figure out a new way of approaching this aspect of my life.

I realized for me, personally, that blogging is about both sharing what I know, and also learning through the experiences of others, a process of reciprocation. I read many, many blogs (I'm too afraid to count) and have made some wonderful connections and friendships. I've found a place where it's really very okay not to be normal. And since I'm not 'normal' in any real sense of the word, this has been a wonderful world to happen upon.

For years my throat chakra was blocked, so much time spent holding in the words and knowledge that I wanted to share, but others misperceived. I think people feel guilty around me, like they should be doing more, which is ridiculious. If baking doesn't bring you joy, than don't do it. If homeschooling doesn't bring you joy, well, it's definitely not for everyone. If cleaning and organizing don't bring you joy, than bring on the clutter! ;)

Of course, along the way I realized this was their own distorted perspectives, and I can do nothing about the way they choose to view the world. I can only contrl how I view and live out my life. I never force my knowings on other people, we are all here on our own journeys, and my way is not necessarily the best way for everyone (maybe anyone) else. Knowing this, however, shouldn't stifle the powerful urges to share what I have learned, and it was doing exactly that. Blogging has been the most amazing avenue to do this. If you want to read, you can, but if you don't, it's so easy to move on! :)

So, what to do about blogging? I can't expect anyone to read what I wrote, if I'm not reading what they've taken the time to put down on paper. This morning I went through the comments on my blog (still working on that actually) and realized that these are really the only people that I'm sure are reading what I write anyway! Their comments tell me they took the time to read, and also let me know that they were here. Here's my new plan. I'm subscribing to all my loyal followers, and some of my most favorite blogs so I get updates directly to my email. Amazingly, this will free up an hour or two out of my day (I told you I follow a lot... )

Once again, I feel light as a feather. I'm back in balance. I've righted a "wrong". I've created time in the day, that wasn't there yesterday. Talk about magic, huh? It never ceases to amaze me how simple and joyful life can be if we listen to that inner spirit voice. So, please, if you're a follower of my blog, add that new "subscribe by email" gadget that blogger now has (Visit 'design' at the top of your page, then 'add a gadget', then 'subscribe by email,  all done! ). I don't want to miss a single one of your most amazing posts!! :) And once again, thank you most sincerely for reading, your comments always brighten my day!

Handmade Gifts
This was the very first collection I curated. I wasn't paying enough attention, and featured the same shop 4 times!! Lol ~ bet they were happy! Oh well, live and learn! ;)

Peace ~ Melinda