My Newest Treasures

Before I start, I just wanted to let you all know that Blogger hasn't let me comment on any of your wonderful blogs for 2 days now... Jordan is experiencing the same glitch. I'm surprised it's letting me post this... ;) I'll catch up as soon as I can!

My new Inspiration Board, right beside my desk. Full of inspirational quotes that speak to me, gorgeous photos, special notes (thanks Sara and Laurie), a drawing Jordan gave me that I love, and current orders.
 Approximately 3 years ago I decided to get serious about solar heating and I put my desire up on the vision board. There is sat, quietly, between drawings of a lizard (we have since adopted a lizard gecko Lucy), a bee farm (still waiting on that one), and a new garage (that story is definitely part of my abundance series!) Eventually the board came down, replaced by other things, but the thought had been put into motion. All that was required now was my patience and a certain degree of excitement, because as many times as it has happened, watching the Universe at work thrills me beyond belief. Oh, yeah, I forgot. I didn't just want solar. I wanted it to cost me nothing. Hey, nothing's too big for Spirit. :)

One of the areas that will soon be covered with the glorious shine of solar panels!
 Today Scott and I took a major step in manifesting my dream. This is taking me so long to type because in my excitement I am spelling just about every single word incorrectly. ;) By September we should have 36 panels on our roof, creating 100% of our energy... all for less than we pay for electricity now. I can hardly contain my joy, the girls are ready to tie me up and throw me in a closet! One more happy jig through the kitchen and I think I'm done for. :) I am going to leave the rest of the story for part of my Abundance series, but I thought if I didn't share that, I may explode, or implode, or something...

Today, I have a gratitude post. I've met so many amazing people through this blog that I'd like to show you some of my latest aquisitions. Their beautiful work now graces my home and I'd like to share it with you. ;)

Stunning, right? Click the photo if you'd like to take a look at the listing!

Recently my daughter, Taylor, did a feature on Laurie of Energy Art and Healing. I already knew Laurie, we seemed to have an instant connection through the magic of internet, so I looked forward to her interview. Taylor is a pretty entertaining writer, and I knew it would be good! Tay had photos posted throughout the feature and when I saw Dream Angel, I had to have her. With her arms spread to the heavens she appeared to be channeling joy, love and yes, abundance. I ordered her quickly and smiled, knowing how much fun it is to see you've made a sale. I hoped it would make Laurie's night (or morning as it was).  I waited very patiently for my Dream Angel to arrive, and it was worth the wait. Laurie had gone above and beyond simple kindness and had sent along a goodie for each of us girls. You would have thought it was Christmas, all of us clustered around the box, reading our notes and exclaiming over our gifts!

Not only was the gorgeous Dream Angel in the box, very carefully wrapped, but also an EXTRA print, the equally stunning Chakra Angel. How amazingly generous and thoughtful, I'm so lucky I 'happened' across this wonderful woman. :)

Here they are hanging above my 'shipping station'. I couldn't get a picture without reflections, but it'll give you an idea!

Another shot, this one includes my amazing painting from Sara! :)

See that bare wall right there? Someday Laurie's crown chakra painting will be hanging there. :)

I have exactly 3 magnets on my fridge. I can't stand the clutter of things hanging all over it, surprise, right? ;) This magnet, however, has a place of honor, and creates peace in me everytime I look at her.
The girls each received one of these mini wall hangings, and as you can imagine, they were overjoyed. They found a spot in their room where they can each gaze upon their angel. I now have angels hanging all around my home, it's a wonderful thing.
Once again Laurie, thank you for being so kind and giving. My act of kindness multiplied many times over!

I  follow another blog called Sesenarts, written by the wonderful Julie. Not long ago I had commented on some bookmarks she had created and featured. To my happy, happy surprise, she sent me one! Last Saturday, this little treasure arrived in my mail ~

You can find Julie on Etsy at Sesenarts, a great shop, full of treasures, that seems to be doing very, very well! :)

I'm trying to read Annexed, the book that Taylor reviewed. It made me so sad I had to put it aside for a day or two. It is excellent though, just a lot to process.
 This lovely bookmark traveled all the way from Australia. I love thinking about the fact that it left Julie's creative hands, traveled across the sea, to land joyfully in mine. Thank you Julie, it will be put to good use! :)

And yesterday I received yet another treasure ~ I seem to be in the flow of things. :) I won a giveaway on another blog I follow. Kanelstrand is a recent discovery, one I was very happy to make! Another kindred spirit, living the organic and green lifestyle. I enjoy her posts so much and couldn't wait to receive the bracelet. After a long journey from Norway, here she is~

A gorgeous handcrafted creation. I've never owned a felted bracelet before. :) Click on the photo to be taken to her Etsy shop ~ Kanelstrand

Me, modeling my new bracelet. Notice the shorts? The sun FINALLY came out today, for real. Heat and everything! :)
 Thank you Sonya, you did a gorgeous job, I adore the detailed stitching! :)

What amazing abundance flowing into my life, it makes me deeply grateful. I thank all of you talented creators for sharing your gifts with me. They are all deeply appreciated and cherished. I'll leave you now, and wish you a wonderful evening, brimming over with abundance. :)

Peace ~ Melinda