A Self Proclaimed Holiday

I have a thing for maps, I adore them! This has always been a favorite board of mine!
 I have proclaimed myself on holiday... sort of! A short respite from all of the many, many hours spent online recently. I am so proud of myself, I have managed to go through my entire Simply Smitten shop, listing by listing, revamping, reworking, rephotoing (so not a word, sorry!) It was such a huge endeavor, but one I was ready for, and now feel so accomplished. After finishing up yesterday I've had an inquiry about a pretty large order. My fingers are crossed because until I see Etsy Transactions, anything can happen! I'll keep you posted!

I can't believe this one is still hanging around! I adore this paper, guess she's still waiting for her owner... :)

This one speaks to me too, I love the colors!
 I find when I'm working on very large projects, I tend to shut down the energy flow, sales wise. I'm smart enough to know that I can only handle so much. I opened back up yesterday and felt tingles of anticipation all afternoon... something's brewing! :)

One reason for going through the shop was that I'm no longer selling only personalized clipboards. Many I sealed and finished, and they are now ready to ship. There were several reasons behind this, but since my personalized clipboards do pretty well, I didn't want to take the option out completely.

Love, love, love this board! Okay... I'm seeing a pattern, I have great affection for my clipboards! :)
 So, my holiday consisted of stepping away from the computer this afternoon and reading the afternoon away in the pop-up. It was hot, and felt deliciously of summer. I could imagine I was camping... so peaceful. Birds chirping, bees droning. Ahhh. I don't often read fictional books anymore, but a 'holiday' required one. :) I picked up Tay's new book, Fallen, and started on that. A perfect, light, enjoyable read.

One of my earth friendly options ~ recycled paper on a recycled board! 
 I made some delicious snacks today, because camping always makes me hungry! ;) Kale with leeks, summer squash, cold watermelon. I just kind of snacked throughout the day, whenever I was hungry, and oh! what fun! :) After I wrap up this post if there's time I'll shovel out our fire pit (full of the woodstove winter ashes still!). I'm not sure if we'll manage a bonfire tonight, but definitely tomorrow. The girls and I plan on sleeping out, hope it cools off just a bit... ;)

Isn't this 'painted' paper awesome? I need to find some more I love it so much! :)
 I'm not sure how long my holiday will last, until I feel refreshed I guess! Although after just one day of lounging, I'm feeling pretty amazing! I guess if that possible order goes through, my holiday will be over. :)

I need to move on to the new shop {pure. simple. organic.}. Now she needs my loving care. I'm torn, all the photos show my labels which state "Simply Smitten" but the thought of redoing all those pictures stops me cold, especially since I've recently redone most of them! I'll ruminate on it... what do you think?

I guess I'd better go and help Riley Mae, she has taken it upon herself to clean out the fire pit herself... she must really want that bonfire! :)

Have a wonderful evening all! :)

Peace ~ Melinda