And The Simply Inspired Giveaway Winner Is...

Hmmm, a little anticipation is good, right? I'll keep you hanging for just one more minute... (skip ahead if you can't stand the suspense, but come back please!! ;)

I thought that my first official giveaway was a wonderful success! I have almost 100 little slips of paper in my drawing bowl! My favorite part was reading all of your green tips. It made me feel so hopeful, so many of you do little things everyday, without even thinking, that help to heal and protect this fabulous planet. Once these small daily choices become habit, it's so easy to live green!! I've listed all of the green tips below, I figured they all deserved a bit of attention! Maybe you'll find something new to incorporate into your lifestyle, after all, it's all about the little things. :)

One green thing I just did was hang my laundry out to dry! The wind and sun are powering up my off grid system at this moment!

How I live greenly...well I use as little electricity as possible (I don't even have a tv!). I reuse what I can, like turning broken old jewelry, paper scraps, and old clothes into new pieces. As much as I can I use all natural products. I planted an organic garden.

I always recycle and take my reusable bags when I go shopping!

At our home, we use reuseable water bottles. We also carry lunch in cloth sandwich & snack bags vs. plastic. We also try to bike locally instead of taking the car.

We use reusable grocery bags and water bottles. We also have a windmill on our farm that supplies about 40% of our electric.

One green thing I do is I use natural cleaning products like vinegar. It works great and saves chemicals from going down the drain!

We reuse our plastic baggies.

We go paperless as much as possible. No magazines or newspapers; which also reduces the clutter!

My family recycles and even shops at consignment shops to recycle clothing.

Living green we recycyle, trade clothing for other babies, and buy gently used. We use Freecycle, long lasting lightbulbs, etc

I recycle pretty much everything and are using green cleaners now as well!

I live greenly by recycling and conserving electricity.

We live greenly by supporting local farmers by purchasing veggies, fruit and plants at the farmer's market, from my Dad's garden and I keep a community garden at work. Surplus crops either go to the local food pantry or used to trade with other garden teams. I also recycle what I can and use eco-friendly cleaners and laundry products. I drive a small car too. :)

What way I am conscious of the environment is that I compost, daily. I also have a large garden that I can veggies from! :)

I air dry my laundry as much as possible, I recycle my mop water in my house to use for cleaning the deck and porch, recycle and repurpose as many things as I can, and I made the switch to energy efficient bulbs. These are a few of the things I do to try to be Green!
We recycle plastic and glass, conserve electricity, buy what we can at consignment shops, and I try to combine errands in one trip instead of multiple ones to conserve fuel.

I buy "naked" products so we can save 30 billion plastic containers a year ;) From my favorite green store called LUSH :) I’ve also converted my entire family to doing likewise!

I live greenly by using coffee grounds to deter pesky ants that occasionally try to come into my kitchen. It is very effective and no chemicals!

We recycle all plastic, aluminum, glass, cans, paper, compost, and use energy efficient lightbulbs

We recycle and turn off lights!

There are many ways that I live green, but the two most important to me are riding my bike where I can, or taking the public transit system and also making my own cleaning/beauty supplies! Having those harsh chemicals around the house, and on the floors creeps me out, especially having so many pets walking around! This has been one of the most important changes I can think of!

We recycle, I use CLOTH napkins at our dinner table, I recycle padded and other /boxes when mailing back and forth to my friend, we make our own compost, I don't use the plastic grocery bags, we take our own (I'm dubbed the "bag lady" in our small town.. LOL), we buy second hand often and love Goodwill and similar type stores, most of my dishes have come from there and they are better quality than NEW stuff (we don't use disposable plates/cups, etc) .... I know there are other things but we try to make these things lifestyle changes that now we don't even think about. Want my daughter to just think it's "normal" to do these things. :-)

I recycle and also have a compost pile outside to help in the garden ;)

How I live greenly each day: walking! I try my best to not drive around - I walk or bus, to save gas and the earth of some unnecessary pollution!

I live greenly by walking my puppy to the mailbox, using super fab. reusable bags, and having a reverse osmosis water system installed to eliminate plastic water bottles and brita filters. Wahoo!

And so now, let's get to it... drumroll please.........

The winner of my Simply Inspired Giveaway is ~ Mary Lee

Yay! Congrats to Mary Lee!!!

Thank you all for your participation, you made this great fun for me! I'm already planning my next one... ;)

Have a wonderful evening friends.

Peace ~ Melinda