More Reasons to be Grateful...

Last week the girls and I received an awesome little package in the mail, another treasure from another extremely talented Etsian. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Etsy? An eclectic mod podge of genius, all in one place... such bliss. I could kiss the person(s) behind Etsy. :) Anyhoo, Jordan had sent some of her most loyal bloggers a pair of these awesome fingerless gloves she makes, just a random act of kindess to those she thought would wear them (that's my girl! :) Much to our unexpected delight, we received kindness in return. And not just Jordan, but all four of us Smitten gals. Isn't that wonderful?
Our dear blogger friend, Renee, made each of us a personalized bookmark. Mine is green (probably my favorite color!) with the sweetest little pea pods adorning it. Renee, who is a faithful reader of our blogs, took what she's learned about each of us,and created something unique that reflects our individual personalities perfectly! It was such a thoughtful and considerate thing to do, but that's just the kind of gal she is. :)

She even made one for Riley, my youngest, who can't yet have a blog, although she pines for one daily. According to Blogger rules you must be 13, and since I find it impossible to lie... she'll just have to wait a little bit longer! Her bookmark was purple and she declared that it is the prettiest one of all! ;)

You can find Renee here on Blogger at Elf Renee, or take a peek and browse her creations at Elf Renee on Etsy. Her shop is full of beautiful creations, there really is something to please everyone. Thank you Renee, as an avid reader, I doubt one can ever have too many bookmarks!! ;)
Then, on Monday I was also the recipient of these gorgeous flowers, much to my surprise and delight. I'm not afraid to let it be known that although I adore my husband, it is definitely not because he is a hopeless romantic! In fact, I'm not sure he is even aware that such a thing exists, except maybe in fairy tales... ;) That being said, the one or two times a year that I receive flowers from him are truly special occasions. These were made even more so because they were a 'just because' gift.

Thank you Scott. :)

And lastly, I am so thrilled to be able to be able to say that I just finished up the last of the 25 clipboards today! Yippee! I finally received the paper on Saturday and dove in on Saturday afternoon. Everyday, several hours has been dedicated to their completion. I'm so happy they came out so well, I made an extra just in case... but didn't really need it. I'll throw it in as a thank you gift. :)

There are clipboards covering every available spot in my studio!!. So nice to have the job complete and it was fun to be working on clipboards again. :) I think that I'll have to add some new ones into Simply Smitten soon, I just picked up some adorable paper at Michaels the other day, stay tuned... :)
Thank you to Taylor for the perfect photos of my new and wonderful bookmark. And thank you Jordan for the pics of my 'just because' bouquet'. I'm so glad you'll take pictures for me at a moment's notice... these posts would never get up otherwise! ;)

And so, that'll do it for today. I'm off to make bread... again, even though what I really need is a nap...;) I hope that you all have a most lovely afternoon.

Peace ~ Melinda