Quiet Time


How's your day going?

Mine's busy busy busy.

Started early with taking our two 6-month-old cats to the vet for their neutering operation.  I hate this.  It feels so wrong and so arrogant to interfere with an animal's body and life just for the convenience of achieving the kind of pet I want to have.  On the other hand, they are rescue cats, so would have maybe had a miserably, mangy, feral, hungry life without us.  One of them broke his leg when he was very young, falling from a high place.  Without us and the £750.00 op to mend it, he would have been vulnerable, in pain, deformed and probably died.  We feed them and love them - even so, taking them for that op causes me such turmoil.  That was how the day began.

Later, I have to write up the minutes from last night's church meeting - and I have to make a good job of it because it's the executive body of the church, so that feels like a big responsibility.

I want to write a long and complicated blog post in response to a question a dear friend raised with me yesterday.

I have to do some more work on reading through a book for which the author has requested an endorsement.  It's an excellent book but, as I know the territory it covers rather well, I can also see a number of little things that need tweaking, so it requires careful comment as well as reading.

This afternoon the vet will ring and we pick the cats up and bring them home.

This evening my family are going to choir and I'm going to worship at the Crowhurst Home of Healing.

Just now the beloved Wretched Wretch is out in the garden playing in his sandpit with his mummy (UK version of mommy, okay? Nothing Egyptian), waiting patiently for me to come down from my garret and play too, and look at the wonderful MamAmor doll that came in the mail this weekend (hooray) to help Buzzfloyd with her gentle parenting group. 

Somewhere in among all that lot I guess we get to cook and eat etc.

But what about a quiet time?  

My mind is buzzing with so many things - thoughts for the blog post, the book I'm reading, the church meeting last night so I  don't look at my notes and think 'what?' but hold it in mind until it's written up, the cats - are they OK?

When it's like this I find it so hard to settle and focus and centre.  It's times like this when a song really helps.  So if your day is busy busy busy too, and you could do with
to catch your breath and give your day perspective, I offer you to join me in loving this song, which in both word and music expresses exactly what I feel about my beloved Jesus.

It seems they can't spell 'instrumental'.  But, hey.  Enjoy.  May your day be blessed.