Tell Me, Could You Resist?

It's a hot, sultry, late spring day here in Ct. I'm one of the unusual few who adore this weather, so I'm quite content! Sticky, but content. ;)

I'd like to share a little treasure that I received in the mail the other day. It is quite adorable, and I must admit, that although I purchased it with Riley in mind... I was sorely tempted to keep it for myself! :)

Want one of your very own? She has another listed in her shop... ;)
 Not long ago I was doing my nightly blog reading and came up to Knitful DezignsVeronica Grace happens to be one of my favorite bloggers, always cheerful, so kind and really quite lovely. Her post shared a recent creation of hers, a hand crocheted robin's nest, complete with two, little, bitty eggs. While the nest was beyond cute, it was her excitement that really spoke to me. You know that feeling? When you create something really great, something that makes your soul sing? That's what I felt when I saw this nest and read her words. Her last words in the post read "My hope is that it will bring the same excitement it did me". Well... not a surprise, I had to purchase it! :)

Click on the photo to be taken to Knitful Dezigns on Etsy!
 I knew Riley Mae would love it, she collects all things tiny, but I felt driven to support that kind of creative passion. I seem to feel that a lot lately as I read your posts and admire your work.  To me, it feels like spirit manifested into form, speaking, sharing. "See me" it seems to say in such a delightful and unassuming way. How can I resist that? I find that more and more I can't! It feels glorious to gaze around my home now and see more and more works of art smiling back at me. Created by your hands.

Click on the photo to be taken to my favorite item in Veronica's shop!
 I'm always so happy to come across a fellow Etsian who takes great care with not only creating their product, but packaging and shipping it too. Veronica didn't let me down. ;) Her mailing envelope was fantastic, sewn from brown packaging paper. Inside, a handmade card with a cheerful little note. It felt like Christmas, the genuine mark of someone who takes great joy and pride in what they do. So, thank you once again Knitful Dezigns, for an amazing little creation. I hope it makes you happy to know it will be treasured. :)

And now, it's time to do some blog reading...Have a spectacular afternoon!

Peace ~ Melinda