Blog Revamp Continued...

Gorgeous photo taken by Jordan
Before leaving on vacation I had the most marvelous idea for a blog makeover. I got as far as the new design you see before you before I ran out of time! I'm loving the bigger space ~ it allows for huge photos and an easy to read font. Still some things to tweak, but so far, so good. Taylor was sweet enough to make me up blog button, feel free to grab it, and also please let me know if you've got one available on your page. I've already added some of my all time favorite bloggers to my sidebar, make sure to let me know if I've missed you! :)
Jordan was inspired by some old books I found this weekend, made for some amazing photos!
During one of my recent life reassessments I realized, really realized that what I love to do is give stuff away! Why? Just because. It's true, it generates me zero income. Zilch. Nada. Not a penny. But it makes me feel so rich!! I have tons of giving triggers. Maybe I think you're fabulous. Maybe you made me smile, or better yet, laugh! Maybe you were kind. Maybe you were generous. Maybe you inspired me. Whatever the reason, I'm often overcome with joy and gratitude. It leaves me with the undeniable and irresistible urge to share the love. With those thoughts, my new plan was born. Gratitude Giveaways. Weekly. Where I just give stuff away... to you! :)

I intend to do this on a weekly basis, probably a winner thrown in a random post. The only thing you have to do to enter? Exactly what you've been doing all along. My gratitude giveaways will only be open to regular readers/followers/commenters of my blog. Am I playing favorites? Most assuredly. Your comments bring me such joy, this is how I can reward you all. The only way I know that you've stopped by is from your lovely thoughts expressed. So if you'd like to be included in future giveaways, please be sure to leave a thought or 2 with me. I read and respond to each and every one. Promise. :)
Hello Echinacea. Photo, once again, courtesy of Jordan
You'll find a new page at the top of my blog titled, Gratitude. If you take a look you'll find the 8 choices that I've come up with. Hopefully something to satisfy everyone. I will be sure to include each and every one of my faithful readers. Once I made it through you guys? Well, I'll just start again. I'm itching to get started, I've had this idea brewing in my head for weeks now! So, I'm about to make my first pick....and it is... Renee, from Elf Renee!! (yay, applause and confetti as the winner blushes and accepts. ;)

Recently Renee handcrafted a gorgeous beaded bookmark for each of us Smitten gals. Personalized and so beautiful, I definitely think that one act of kindess deserves another. So, Renee, just let me know your choice number after perusing the page. You can either leave it in your comment, email me, or contact me through Simply Smitten. :)
Okay, Jord, who is this?
Okay. You know what? My giving impulse is not yet sated, that was too much fun! So I'm kicking off my new event with another winner...and it shall be... Julie from Sesenarts!! (Hip Hip Hooray!)  Twice recently I've been the recipient of her random acts of kindness, and I would like very much to share some of my creations with her. We have a great connection not hindered by the vast distance between us, and it's definitely time to give back to this amazing lady. Please let me know your choice Julie, when you have a spare moment. :)

Ahhh, such fun! I'm already looking forward to next week! ;) So, Gratitiude Giveaways have been implemented, check. My next plan is to share a weekly Eco-Tip. I'm even going to shoot for a day, Friday, but don't hold me to that! I'll add the links to the posts as I write them onto my Eco-Tips page for easy referral. Easy, inexpensive ways to live clean and green that anyone can do. I'll also share some more of the larger, more dedicated choices I've made for those of you also ready to take the next step. I know that we can turn to the tide, I know it, so I need to get serious about what I've learned, and begin by sharing it all with you.  Let's green up gals, it feels so amazing! :)
Handsome Reggie. Good shot Jord!
I'm aware that cooking doesn't appeal to a lot of my blogger pals, but I'm still excited about this feature! ;) Again, shooting for once a week, I'm going to share a favorite recipe of ours. Some will be super easy, but others will require some committment! For those involving more time I'll include step by step photos and instructions. You'll be able to find the recipes in my Scrumptious Recipes page at the top of the blog after they've been posted. Maybe I'll inspire someone to try somethng new, it might just lead to a tasty adventure! Included in some of these posts will be some food facts that I've uncovered during my intensive food journey. I'll share the knowledge that has led me to my food decisions. So much out there that we take for granted, time to share what I've learned in this area also. It can put your perfect health firmly back where it belongs, in your hands.

I'm also intent on continuing with my Abundance series. I've known for weeks now what the next post will be about, but life kept throwng me curve balls, keeping me constantly on my toes! Before I post the next installment I'll repost the first since so much time has lapsed in between. This is a driving need in me, I desperately want to share this. It's so easy to live a life of abundance, in all areas, with just a little bit of guidance. I'll offer up to you what I have learned. :)
Yet another vintage book (Jordan)
I'm also planning on adding another page to my blog, opening it up to comments and suggestions from you. Perhaps a green cleaning recipe you'd like? Or a recommended recipe for say, carrots? An idea you like me to cover from my decidedly unique perspective? ;) Ask away and I'll do my very best to find you an answer. The comments will serve as a reminder to me, since my list of post ideas grows daily... ;)

You may notice that I've also added an Inspiration Earth products page. I use these green products every single day and really, really love them.  Since I have shut down my shop for the time being I'd still like to be able to offer them to you. It feels stingy not to. ;)

So. I think that covers it... for now. I'm excited about all of my new plans and hope to create some kind of regular posting schedule. I'll have to see what I can come up with... ;) Thank you all again for you always appreciated encouragement, love and support. You gals rock! :)

Peace & blessings ~ Melinda

Thanks for all the gorgeous photos Jord! :)