Regaining My Balance

Greetings friends~

Believe it or not, I'm unsure where this post will go today... this past week was so crazy for me, I'm still feeling a bit off balance and reeling ever so slightly. It served as a good reminder for me though, a reminder of exactly what I don't want in my life. All the plans, the commitments, the obligations filling every spare minute ~ they're enough to make my head spin. ;) So, today I'll reconnect with you, and share some gorgeous pictures that Jordan snapped. I hope you enjoy. :)

I did reach a conclusion in the madness of last week. For some time now I've been energetically blocking sales in my Etsy shop. I wasn't sure why, it just felt like something I didn't want to deal with. I knew at some point that a sale would sneak past, and how I felt at that moment would lead me toward some kind of decision. Well, a sale did sneak through, and tied up tight with  it, came my answer. What did I feel when I saw the infamous "Etsy Transaction" winking back at me from my inbox? Elation? Excitement? Nope. Anxiety. Pressure. Yup. Pretty clear, right?

So the affirmation that came to me during my meditation that morning meant that I closed up shop this past weekend. The relief that I felt as I did so tells me I made the right decision. It's kind of weird though, just a few months ago it was my biggest focus, my biggest energy outlet. Once I decided to put school back at the top of my priority list, the shift began. And here I am. In a new place, yet again. Good thing I like change. :)

Initially my mind tried to fill that void, that space, with plans and ideas. I became intoxicated on the idea of all that 'free time'. I quickly realized what I was doing and backed off. I'm simplifying my life, not complicating it. I can still feel things shifting though, something is brewing. It isn't even at a place where I can add words to this feeling, but it's coming. Am I surprised? Absolutely not, this seems to be the ride I've been on for months now. This slight discomfort, vague unease, will lead me to a better place. It always does. Patience is the key... :)

I'm still writing my intentions down each morning, and I believe it's what allowed me to sail through last week without a breakdown. ;) Right now I'm crocheting like crazy, my army of Lil Chums (so named by Jordan) is growing.  Four complet, six to go. The girls and I are still waiting on our dollhouse windows. I'm slightly disappointed. The company is only in Vermont (or New Hampshire ~ either way not far from Ct!) and our goodies still haven't arrived. Maybe tomorrow...

I decided they needed a tail, and have started added them on to my critters, newly named Lil Chums. :)
And, really, the main reason for this post today was to pick a Gratitude Giveaway winner, since I haven't posted in almost a week and I'm falling behind! Today's most amazing winner is the beautiful Sara from over at Simply Sarafina Paints . She's fun, she's vivacious, she's a gem, and I'm so glad she's one of my devoted followers. If you aren't a follower of her blog, you may want to consider it, she injects a flash of joy into each and every post. :) When you get a chance Sara, you can peruse the Gratitude Giveaway page and select a goodie. Either leave your choice in a comment below, email me, or send me a message through Simply Smitten. I can't wait to see what you pick... :)

And now I shall sign off. Sorry for the slightly random post as I regain my balance and purpose. I shall return soon with a much more cohesive post! :) Hope you enjoyed the photos, have a lovely evening.

Peace & blessings ~ Melinda