The Possibilities are Endless...

Hello friends ~

I always feel the need to go easy on you after one of my Eco-tip posts, especially when they contain as much info as the  last one did! I can't relay to you how excited it makes me feel to see so many of you embrace the whole baking soda beauty care approach! I heard that quite a few of you gave the shampoo/conditioner a try and it makes me as happy as if you were to tell me we have achieved world peace. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration... but not by much! :) So, today will be light and easy. No need to process, just enjoy. :)

In school the girls and I are reading the classic book Rascal, by Sterling North. It was a favorite of my Dad's when he was a boy, and I've been wanting to read it with the girls for years, it just kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list. We began it last week and it is fantastic! The light and easy to read autobiography of a boy growing up during World War 1,  it takes place in 1918. His loving, but very relaxed father (mother is dead) allows Sterling many luxuries that most families wouldn't, making for an awesome and interesting childhood! Raising skunks, woodchucks, building a canoe in his living room, taking off and living in the wilderness for 2 weeks, it really fires up my imagination! Of course the storyline revolves around a racoon that he raises from a baby, it'll make you want a pet racoon of your own for sure! :)
Woodstock Fair ~ 2007. Sorry for the grainy quality, a pic of a pic... ;)
We were discussing the latest chapter yesterday morning and much of it took place at the local fair, The Irish Picnic. Sounds just like a wonderful country fair, much like the one just up the road here in  Ct every Labor Day weekend ~ the much acclaimed Woodstock Fair! It's quite a big to-do for our Quiet Corner of New England, hundreds of thousands of people cram the fair grounds... needless to say we avoid town at all costs that weekend! 
2007 ~ Scotty getting up close and personal with this lovely sheep
We (and by this I mean I) have decided that the very best day to visit is on Friday, the opening day. Most people are still at work and the crowd is small enough to still be pleasant. The animal barns are wide open, allowing us to take our time wandering and admiring the livestock. The vendors aren't bombarded and we can easily  investigate all that strikes our fancy. Since we don't waste any money on food, our spending is opened up to all the fabulous crafters. Last year they had to pull me kicking and screaming out of a bargain book tent... heaven!
Poor Riley, every time I look at these pictures I'm reminded that she was sick for this visit! She said she felt well enough to go, but by the end of that very, very hot day, she was beat. Look how pathetic she looks in this picture?
After reading about the Irish Picnic we were reminded that the last time we went to the Woodstock Fair we decided we'd have to investigate entering some of our creations in all of the contests located throughout various barns and buildings. Photographs, paintings, sewing, baking, produce... you name it, they have it. Wouldn't that be fun, we thought?
Keep dreaming Scotty... hey! You should totally put that on my Inspiration Board! ;)
However, the Woodstock Fair can quickly become overwhelming, and after going for a couple of years, last year I needed a break and opted to skip it, the 150th anniversary was sure to be crazy! But after being reminded about the contests we looked up the deadlines and categories... uh oh ~ our creative juices have been stirred!! (Not that we need much help in that department!) You could feel the excitement spread through the room yesterday as we all thought about what we could enter!
What would a fair be without Bumper Cars...
Jordan has been working on a model of our house for years, here's the incentive she needs to finish it. It is full of amazing details, truly unbelievable. She's been engrossed in it again for the past two days, I'm sure she'll want to share when she completes this beauty. We're convinced it'll have a 1st place ribbon hanging from it...
Jordan, in the middle of her mess!

Taylor is all about the photos, but also working on a couple of different ideas. There can be up to 3 entries in each category... oh boy!
Tay's considering entering this one, in black and white, but she's going to have some trouble narrowing it down!!
Riley isn't sure of her direction yet, at first she was thinking about showing Sugar, but none of us are really keen on that idea. Confined to a tiny cage all weekend, the noise and commotion would seem to be quite taxing. We're thinking it's not really a great idea! So, she's got some other plans brewing...
We don't think Riley could handle the separation anxiety... neither does she!
I'm leaning towards pulling out the sewing maching and creating some doll clothes, maybe a pair of overalls, strewn with details ~ stitching, buttons, lace... the imagination runs wild! Then I thought about creating a masterpiece clipboard, with a farmyard theme going on (anyone else feel a paper splurge building? ;) Oh, the ideas are endless!
Isn't it great fun when you get the creative high? When ideas just stream in? Jordan lamented this morn that she doesn't want to do anything else besides work on her house, it's all consuming, and so, so much fun! I feel the same just chewing on my prospects... I told the girls by Friday we have to decide what we're entering, print out the forms and get to work! Time's a-runnin' out! Speaking of which... I'd better get moving! :)

Riley gets a goodbye kiss. :)
Happy Tuesday!

Peace & blessings ~ Melinda