An Abundant Life ~ Chapter II ~ A Leap of Faith

Today's lovely photos were taken by my Taylor (Perfectly Sensible Nonsense), who, armed with my camera the other day, captured some gorgeous moments in time. :)

It has been much longer than I intended since my first Abundant post (Part 1), but life often messes with me like that. ;)  I’ve known what this next chapter would be about for some time now, but wasn’t sure when the timing would be right. This morning I heard ‘now’, and with confidence I’ll let my Spirit speak. It always has much to say and its timing is impeccable. J

My first chapter in An Abundant Life focused on thoughts and their inherent energy. How I direct them, and my choice to support rather than resist all the moments of my unfolding life. If you tried any of the suggestions that I wrote about, you are probably already experiencing abundance trickling into your life. Maybe it feels like life is just a little bit easier, a little bit lighter, a lot bit happier. Maybe you don't take things as seriously, or get as angry or frustrated. It often doesn't take long to turn that energy around and working for you, for your dreams.

Since my thoughts create my world, when I think high energy, positive thoughts, my life adjusts accordingly and cooperates with joy. Conversely, the same is also true when I succumb to low and negative thoughts. I’ve also come to an important realization in regards to those thoughts. It seems that with love and dedication they gain momentum, the energy has been put into motion. The more often I think or visualize something, the stronger that idea gets. I imagine it as a snowball, perched at the tippy top of a mountain. Small, obscure and fragile at first. But give it a gentle push and it grows ~ quickly and of its own accord. By the time it reaches the bottom(you) it’s a veritable avalanche, a snowball of abundance. I’ve decided it pays to have a dream and ruminate on it often. I’ve always been a daydreamer, I love to weave fairy tales in my head. While not only enjoyable, I’ve come to believe that it also moves along the process of manifestation, shortening the time between the thoughts and the actual appearance of the object of your desire.

Moving on to An Abundant Life ~ Part II... For the next step of the Abundant journey, I’d like to talk about Leaps of Faith. This can often be such a hard concept for the fear challenged mind. A Leap of Faith is a jump from the highest cliff, with wild abandon, hair flying, body falling, the ground approaching with alarming speed, and yet through it all a sense of “It’ll be okay. I'll be okay." Initially there might be a sense of fear on my part, and oftentimes those leaps of faith need to be gently worked towards over time. Perhaps only a few days,  but sometimes much longer. There may also be a moment of panic involved, such as “What have I done??” as I start that free fall of trust. However, living a life of one leap after another very quickly dissipated any fear as I observed that, yes indeed, it all works out. Always. With chilling perfection.

I believe that Leaps of Faith are very important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, after taking a succession of jumps I began to feel an awesome sense of safety and protection. Some leaps are large and challenging, others small and effortless, but each landing is cushioned, and I began to trust in something bigger, braver and more knowing than this human costume that I wear. A loving something that never let me down, no matter how far the fall. It secured my footing in the world, making this experience more open,  more welcoming and tons more fun that I ever dreamed possible.

Leaps of Faith are often hugely critical when it comes to opening up the next path of my journey. It seems those leaps are often the keys that open the doors to the next part of my adventure. Until that leap is taken I may feel fearful, stuck, apprehensive, trapped, sad, angry… but with one brave launch... avenues open, and choices exist.

With my mom’s permission I’ll use her as an example. J Several years ago my mother was working at a job that no longer brought her joy or satisfaction.  In fact, she was at the far opposite end of the joy spectrum, lounging in sadness and despair. Her mornings were full of dread at approaching yet another day, and even her time at home was no longer enjoyed or cherished,  instead mostly filled will terrible apprehension.  We would walk and talk until after some time I had nothing much left to say. To me, the outsider, it was painfully obvious (isn’t that often the case? ;) There really seemed no other choice to me, but she needed to come to it in her own time. What she required was a giant Leap of Faith. But she was so lost in her fearful thoughts of lack (in regards to money) that she was as effectively stuck as if she were in quicksand up to her neck, still struggling and sinking deeper. But what about that paycheck? How will I pay the bills? Or eat? Or... or... or????

I know that I come from a much different place than most, but my response was “What about the money?” Was a life full of suffering, anxiety, depression and fear a fair trade for a measly little paycheck? I'd rather live in a cardboard box then languish in despair and desperation, but of course, that's just me. ;)  My mother looked terrible, felt worse and was lost in the world of ego. I knew, without a doubt that quitting this job, simply walking away, would lead to her next answer. She would be provided for, but her answers were still locked behind the door that only a Leap of Faith would open.

In reality, did she even need to worry? No. She has tons of family who would help her out in a heartbeat. But it’s much bigger than that. Depending on family is still a worldly thing, and leaps of faith are beyond this world of flesh and form. It’s a believing without seeing. It’s trusting from your heart’s knowing. It’s beautiful, soothing faith.

Over many, many months, which morphed into at least a year (maybe more!), I watched the desperation grow in Mom. It finally grew so large that it began to suffocate her and she knew if she didn’t break free great harm would come to her mind and body from the unrelenting stress. No longer was the fear and attachment to money enough to keep her locked in her personal version of hell. To my great relief she finally made that decision to leave. And with that one choice her life began again. The smothering weight was lifted and over time she began to embrace the freedom and enjoy her life again. She began to smile and laugh. She began to live and breath with ease.

Can you guess what happened? Yes, indeed, a door opened. A door that was not visible until she said “I trust it will be okay if I follow my heart”. What happened was this ~ the sitter scheduled to watch my new infant niece fell through. Who to watch this little girl? Enter my mom. J Quitting her job was the key to unlocking the next stage of her life. She didn’t go hungry. Her bills were paid. She didn’t lose her home. A soft and beautiful landing of faith (and a newborn babe to snuggle. J )

Leaps of Faith usually mean not knowing how it’ll all end up. It means knowing your heart aches because you’re not where you’re supposed to be, but where are you supposed to be?, and then trusting that your answer is out there and that you'll find it. It doesn’t require the rational, thinking mind. In fact, this is where we often get mired in that quicksand. Faith defies logic. Instead tap into your feelings, let them answer the question for you. Do you feel joy, excitement, peace, contentment, anticipation? Fabulous, when I feel those emotions, I know I’m heading in the right direction for me. J On the other hand, sadness, fear, despair, depression, a sense of being lost ~ these all point to the need for some faith. A choice must be made. Stay in my safe place, miserable but familiar? Or open my world to bigger, better, more magical happenings?

So, you quit your job based on your feelings and then find you can’t pay your bills, the fridge is empty and you may lose your home. Some leap of faith, right? Now what? Well, my answer would be another Leap of Faith, of course. ;) Hold tight to that trust. Believe that all will be well and open your eyes, see clearly. What is this situation trying to show you? Are you missing something? Resisting something? Often in order to reach our highest heights we must scramble and flail among the darkest, smelliest, rankest depths. Only you will know your direction, but have faith that the answers will come, often they already have, we’re just too stubborn to see the light or hear the song. J

For me, leaps of faith are crucial to finding my path on this adventure. You already make small ones all the time unless fear has you a prisoner (been there, done that. ;) You trust each time you get behind the wheel that you’ll arrive safely at your destination. You trust with each breath that another will follow. You trust each night when you go to sleep that you’ll wake once again. Somewhere along the way I realized that a part of me already knew I was protected, even if that knowing was sometimes buried under layer upon miserable layer of fear and doubt.

I find I make leaps, big and small, everyday. Just getting out of bed is an act of faith. It was a leap of faith closing my grooming shop, Pampered Pets, years ago, just as it was a leap of faith closing Simply Smitten recently. It’s a leap of faith knowing that each time my body gets “sick” that it is capable of healing itself all on its own. Its’a leap of faith each time I trust another human being. It’s a leap of faith to homeschool the girls. It seems that living is actually one giant leap of faith after another. Huh, who knew? ;)

Living a life involving frequent, trusting Leaps of Faith leads to an abundant life. With each jump I'm saying I don’t know how, bit it will all work out. My positive thoughts assure that the answer will be found. I find that when I release my expectations of a particular outcome the doors that open are often far grander that any I could imagine on my own, and I have quite the imagination!

Go back to school. Quit a job. Leave a lover. Fall in love. Have a baby. Don’t have a baby. Share your heart. Move across the country. Get married. Follow that voice in your heart and make that leap! Believe it will all be okay, and so it shall. J

Peace & blessings ~ Melinda