All my soul is weeping

The execution of Troy Davis has been scheduled to go ahead at 7 o'clock this evening in Jackson, Georgia, USA.  You can read up to date news here.

This despite a massive outcry against the judgement all around the world.  No murder weapon has been found or any forensic evidence linking Troy Davis to the crime.   7 of the 9 key witnesses recanted their statements.  Witnesses have said their statements were made under pressure from police.  One of the jurors originally turning in a verdict of guilty says she has since changed her mind.  Hundreds of thousands of people have signed the petitions urging the boards of justice to reconsider.  Public figures who have supported the conclusion that there is too much doubt in this case for a death sentence to be warranted include Pope Benedict, Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, William Sessions (former director of the FBI) and 51 members of the US congress.  Amnesty International's US branch describe this as an 'outrageous affront to justice'.  Testimony has been heard that a different man privately confessed to the crime.  Ten people have come forward in accusation of a different man.

Troy Davis has been on Death Row for 20 years, and numerous appeals have been heard.  He has always maintained he did not commit this crime.  On Monday, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles heard three hours of testimony to the mounting evidence of doubt, but declined to grant him clemency.  

Last time his execution date was fixed, the execution was stopped 2 hours before its due time.

Unless the US Supreme Court intervenes today, Troy Davis's execution by lethal injection is expected to go ahead at 7pm local time in Jackson, Georgia.   I have put the clock at the top above this post so you can see the time in Jackson.

Whatever your thoughts and views on this case, please uphold Troy Davis in prayer today.  And please pray also for the family of the policeman whose shooting is the crime for which Troy is to be executed.  Despite all the doubts and contradictions, the family of the policeman who was killed have called for Troy Davis's execution.  Having seen a member of their own family die, they want this man dead as well.  May God have mercy on their souls.

Lord Jesus Christ, Your eyes see into the hearts of us all and your compassion is boundless.  As you died on the cross for the sins of others, may your love reach out in mercy to all involved in this execution planned for today.  May this outrage, this protest, this wound in the side of justice be the crack through which Your light may shine to illumine the world.  Have mercy, have mercy Lord!  Look upon your child Troy as he waits in his prison, compose his heart and bring him peace.  Pour your love into him, find him there, draw him close to you, be his hope, his life, his comfort.  Look on Your broken world that you meant to be so beautiful, and forgive our stupidity, our sick thirst for vengeance and our blind cruelty and violence.
Oh Lord Jesus, Son of the Living God, lift us up, take away our hearts of stone and give us the hearts of flesh you meant for us to have.  From this valley of dry bones that our civilisation has become, raise up Your troops of peace and light and love.  Shed Your tears on our world today Lord Jesus and soften our hardened hearts.  Please, Jesus, loving Jesus, take this situation into Your hands and transform it by the power of Your grace.  Amen. Amen. Amen