Be The Change

Photo courtesy of Jordan
Here we are, on the cusp of a brand new year ~ the thought gives me tingles. What will this year hold for me?  Where will I journey? What new truths will I discover? What old beliefs will no longer serve me? What new people will enter my life? Which ones will exit? Hmmmm, boggles my mind, the infinite possibilities! So, now that the Christmas crazy is behind us we have this one quiet week for reflection before we jump with wild abandon into 2012. Because, like it or not, she’s coming. And as with everything we experience, we choose how to view it and subsequently how to live it. Some will look ahead with dread, fear and resistance. Others will welcome her in with grace and open arms. And tingles.

I’ll confess that I’m not a fan of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, mostly because I’ve never seen one actually work! Lose weight. Eat better. Exercise more. Get organized. Every year I see these ambitious resolutions come… and go. Sometimes it’s a matter of biting off more than you can comfortably chew. Sometimes these ideas just lose their luster in the reality of living each day. Some last a week, others a month, but eventually they all seem to fizzle out. Gone and forgotten… until next January. I decided my perpetual resolution is to not make resolutions. ;) Despite that, it doesn’t mean that this year I won’t do better, be better, live better. Instead of setting a goal for 2012, I’m shooting for bigger. It’s more a case of reviewing my life as we step into each new year and deciding what I want for this lifetime. I may not accomplish my objectives this year, or even next or the next, but I’ll keep working towards them, slow, steady and determined.

I figure every day, every minute, every second, is a new chance for a do-over. I can never fail, only fall short of my goal and resolve that next time I will be kinder. Next time I will listen more. Next time I will be who I am truly meant to be. And instead of beating myself up, or worse yet, quitting, I can give myself the encouragement and support I will need to succeed. I can remind myself that for the time being I’m only human and sometimes that can be so stinkin’ hard!! So, as I reflect this week on 2011 I acknowledge that it was a pretty amazing year. Tons of changes which I’ve learned to not only embrace, but love. Enough growth to make me stronger yet not cripple me with growing pains. Laughter in abundance. Exploration. Rekindled love. Peace.

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Simple yet powerful ~ I love it!
What do I wish for myself in this brand new year? As I pondered this, one of my most favorite quotes sprang to mind. You may be familiar with it ~ “Be the change you wish to see in the world” spoken by the wise and peaceful Gandhi. Be the change. Along the way I have decided that this is the very best course to effect a transformation, big or small. It seems so quiet and unobtrusive in appearance and not nearly forceful enough, be the change. But that still, open and seemingly passive expression seems to be the most effective tool I’ve found as of yet at creating the world I’d love to see around me.

When I wave my magic wand, what exactly is it that I see? This will come as no surprise to my regular readers, I’ve said it before ~ I envision a world where “Live and Let Live” is a way of life and not just empty words. I see nations, religions and neighbors suspending judgments, making one right and the other wrong. Only when this happens  do I believe we can get a glimpse of how crazy amazing we can become. We can only truly know what is best for our own self, and even then sometimes I flounder. And since some days I can’t even figure out what direction I’m supposed to take, how can I pretend to know what is the right way for anyone else? I can’t. And so every day, every situation, I release the need to criticize or render a verdict, recognizing that while it may not be my way, my way is definitely not the only way. I find I’m most challenged by those closest to me ~ husband, children, family. Thankfully I’m provided with many opportunities to succeed. But when I fall short, and I will, I remember I’ll be given the chance to try it again, and again, and again…

So, this year I will be the change. I will live by my convictions and beliefs and allow others the same. I will be happy. I will be peaceful. I will be kind. I will be open. I will love deeply. I will laugh daily. And I will know that by doing so I may encourage others to do the same. I will not preach. I will not pressure. I will not judge. I will live the very changes I wish to see manifest.

I wish you all an amazing and joyful new year.

Love & blessings ~ Melinda

{While I may not be a personal fan of resolutions I'd love to hear if you've made one ~ feel free to share below! Bring on 2012!! J }