New book

 Hey, look at the pic my friend Julie just sent me!  

It's out stateside then!  And my copies haven't even made it across the Atlantic yet!  Well - just the one has, but that's been snapped up quick by my family!

Hope you like it Julie!  

She's read it actually.  I run all my manuscripts past Julie - not that you'd call her my severest critic; more my encourager cheering me on  :0)

This book has been dedicated to Julie and to Jehane, whose prayers and kindness make a life raft at times.  Thank you, ladies!


365 Day 24 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

Cripes.  A handbag.  Bought in a delusional attempt to be an elegant lady in a moment of eBay madness.  It sat underneath the clothes rail for a while then I hope made some other woman who browses in charity shops very happy.