I love porridge.  Sometimes I go to sleep at night looking forward to the porridge I will be making in the morning.

I use for a measure one of the small cups from a Japanese tea set.  I love the tea set too.  I make my tea – nettle usually, sometimes rosemary – in it, and try to time things so that the tea is infused and still hot by the time I’ve eaten the porridge; just ready to drink.

I don’t drink it from the Japanese tea-cup thought, because they’re a bit small for breakfast – we have a cup and saucer made by an English potter that is just right. 

This is what my breakfast things look like all laid out ready and the porridge cooking in the pan.

I am always impressed how big a bowl of porridge comes from a relatively small quantity of oats.  The Japanese cup is exactly the right measure for my porridge bowl.

I take
1 cup of oats
I cup of soya milk
2 cups of oat milk
1 and a half pinches of salt (sea salt from Cornwall right along the end of England’s south coast)

Oat milk makes really creamy-tasting porridge.

I cook it all up together on a gentle heat, stirring with a wooden spoon to minimise sticking to the pan as it thickens.  When it’s ready I sprinkle brown sugar on the top and allow that to melt before I eat it.

It’s just so delicious!


365 Day 2

I'd been saving this body moisturiser pot in case we wanted it to re-fill with our own mixtures, but none of us who make them did in fact want it (too big), so I washed it out thoroughly and filled it with buttons for the School Holidays Craft Kit I put on Freecycle (instantly claimed!!)