To Be Human Again

I will readily admit that technology has improved our lives in countless ways. Some of my most treasured technological advancements have been around for decades: the washing machine, indoor plumbing, the vacuum cleaner and electricity. They serve to make my life easier, and free up time for the things that bring me great joy.  For example, I’d much rather spend an afternoon absorbed in a great book, than scrubbing dirty, endless laundry over a bucket  of soapy water... wouldn't you? :)

However, it is my personal belief that many of these so-called technological wonders don’t enlighten and propel us forward, but instead hold us down and/or send us careening backwards. I feel we will eventually fall in a foreign land where interaction between humans (without a phone or a computer as a go between) will be scarce. People will forget how to converse in real, spoken words. How sad and lonely I believe that world will be. I've already had small tastes, and I don't find it palatable in the least.

I have been writing and rewriting this post, trying to find the words that I need to speak my truth. The sadness I feel watching children everywhere absorbed in tiny, little phones at the expense of the people directly across from them, surrounding them. Laughter and conversations fill the air and all they can see is the touchscreen that holds their rapt and unwavering attention. Of course, this doesn't only apply to the kiddos, often their parents are in the background lost in their own, quiet cyberworld. Those real, human connections that are often lost in favor of the next important text message, sigh. I've written paragraphs, all discarded while I search for those right words. Perhaps I'm trying to use too many to say too little. Or too few to say too much.  

A friend of mine sent me this video yesterday, I was riveted and have watched it several times. It is the words I can't seem to find, perhaps because he volunteered to speak them for me. Which he does so beautifully. I'd urge you to take three minutes and watch, he weaves magic with his words. I thought so anyway.

Peace & Blessings ~ Melinda