A Recipe Plan That May Actually Work

I enjoy many, many things throughout each day, mostly small things that create great joy. I’m not always sure what will spark a rush of happiness, quite often these joys change from day to day, from moment to moment even. That is... except for one. One of my very first thoughts each morning, almost immediately upon awakening is… what will I make for lunch today? Major jolt of joy. Seriously, the sun isn’t up yet, I’m not dressed or really even functioning, and I’m already planning our lunch. With great anticipation. Happy sigh… I’m giddy just thinking about what’s on tap for tomorrow (‘pizza’ topped with kale and leeks in case you were wondering. ;)  I love, love, love to eat. Except for my mother, I have yet to meet another person who enjoys eating quite as much as my family does. Truly, it is embarassing the sighs and moans that emanate from our dining room each and every day. ;)

Here's lunch for tomorrow...
The great thing is that when you eat the way we do, consciously and with food awareness, the worry and the guilt about food is nonexistent. It means that eating is great fun, all pleasure with none of the worries. As you can imagine, I have tons and tons of recipes. I  also have an entire file in my photos dedicated to dishes that I’ve managed to take pictures of, but never can seem to find the time to blog about. Since I only manage to get up a couple of posts per week, the recipes always get pushed to the back burner (tee hee, back burner). So, I’ve come up with a new plan. Whenever I have a spare moment I’m just going to add these recipes to my Scrumptious Recipes page, found over there on the side of my blog. Because if I wait until I ‘get around to it’, well, I’m not sure it would actually happen and that would surely be a shame. 

Super yummy Sunburgers
I am going to share one last tasty treat with you today though. It’s a recent find and already a favorite. Not too long ago, Claire over at Crafty Claireification, shared an avocado smoothie recipe. It called for both sugar and milk, neither of which we use, so I set about adapting it. This is nothing new, most every recipe I come across requires some tweaking to accomodate our diet choices. I had mentioned on a blog post last month that I’m trying to incorporate avocadoes into our diet and had started with Chocomole pudding, which we all devour happily. I was terribly excited to find another avocado addition, and here’s what I came up with ~ Jordan insists I call it Vegan Yogurt because it reminds her so much of the old days when yogurt was a daily snack. J 

Vegan Yogurt
3 ripe organic avocadoes
2 bags frozen organic strawberries (thawed)
1 bag frozen organic blueberries (thawed)
1 tsp stevia
¾ cup almond milk (see recipe below)

Of course you can use fresh fruit, but it isn't always easy to find organic berries around here unless they're in season. Frozen will do just fine. I did put aside a handful or two of the berries to throw in whole or sliced after the mixing. Add all the ingredients to the blender and puree. I had to stop once or twice to stir it all up because my berries weren’t totally thawed and it was slowing down the process, but after a minute or two I ended up with a super creamy, sweet, healthy and delicious snack. We all loved it so much that I made two batches in 2 days, and I have another three ripe avocadoes in the fridge just waiting for me…

I’m also going to pass along the almond milk recipe for anyone who’s interested. Jordan did a post on it awhile back which you can find on her blog, Rainbow Veins. She did a complete tutorial with photos, mine isn't quite as nice, or as thorough. ;)

Almond Milk
½ cup raw organic almonds
4 cups water
1 tsp organic vanilla extract

Soak ½ cup almonds in water for at least 4 hours. Drain, rinse, peel and rinse again. Add water, almonds and vanilla to the blender and puree for 2 minutes. If you’d prefer not to have tiny almond pieces in your milk, pour  the milk through a  piece of cheesecloth to remove. Jordan loves the pieces, I do not. J Store in glass containers in the fridge, and this milk will keep for several days. We use almond milk in our granola, in baking or the delicious Vegan Yogurt recipe that I shared above.
Ahhhh, I feel much better to have a plan for all of those delicious recipes just waiting in the wings. Of course I haven't managed to even get these two in there yet... ;)

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend one and all.

Peace & Blessings ~ Melinda

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