Change the World ~ One Square at a Time

The sun is shining, it’s a mild 50 degrees ~ I can’t think of a better way to kick off the week! Happy Monday. J

This past week was an unusually busy one for me, and as most of you know, I don’t do well with that kind of crazy! Each day felt jam-packed from beginning to end. Friday night as I crawled into bed with great relief, I felt on the verge of tears. I was totally spent, mentally exhausted. When I woke up Saturday morning I realized why the week had so completely and thoroughly kicked my butt. Clarity struck in those first still moments of the day, as it often does. I had given nothing to myself all week long. No quiet time spent reading on the couch. I only managed sporadic walks on sunny, crisp winter days. I missed a couple of my mediation sessions which is virtually unheard of (and probably most of the reason I felt so off). Somehow I did manage to get up a post, but even that was done with time restrictions, which always equals stress to me. And the biggest factor to my harried state of mind? I hadn’t created anything all week long. I hadn’t released any of that creative, inspired energy that connects me to this world, to this life. I was sadly out of balance.

So, what did I do this past weekend to get me back to that peaceful place where I enjoy my life instead of merely getting through it? First, I remembered to be thankful for that fast-paced week that completely threw me off and almost reduced me to tears. It served as a beautiful and highly effective method of reminding me where I find my happiness, in the slow and steady conscious living that I’ve come to appreciate and cultivate.  It reminded me to continually step back into the present moment instead of thinking about all that looms in front of me. I walked, I read, I cooked, I meditated… and I crocheted!! I didn’t tax myself with anything fancy or complicated; I was just searching for the simple, repetitive motion of hook, the soft caress of organic cotton yarn, and the freeing feeling of creation.

Recently I discovered a new blog, Kitty’s Fiber Journey, while I was reading another favorite blogger of mine, Sonya, over at Kanelstrand. Laurie (Kitty’s Fiber Journey), was asking for help, in the form of 8 inch squares. Knitted, crocheted, whatever. It fit my requirements for mindless crocheting perfectly! Her goal? To collect/create 500 squares by June 1, 2012. The best part? She invites us all to help. She invites us all to share in that satisfied feeling that comes when we extend ourselves and help out another.

The squares will be collected and used to create blankets for children in Africa orphaned by AIDS. Often, as I’m working on these squares I imagine a small, lonely child given this gift, created with love by strangers he/she will never meet. I imagine this small token of love softly wrapping, soothing, and hopefully bringing comfort to one so young and already experiencing the dark times that living this life inevitably brings.

Many of us wish to make a difference, I know I’m always looking for small ways to effect change around me. For anyone who loves working with yarn, this couldn’t be an easier way to change the world. To read more about Knit-A-Squillion Challenge, take a quick visit over to Laurie’s page. Feel free to add a button to your blog and spread the word. Then pick up those hooks or needles and get to work. Infuse those squares with as much love, compassion, hope, joy, empathy and trust that you can, knowing as you create that you can change the world. One small square at a time.

Peace & blessings ~ Melinda

P.S. For anyone interested in having their photo included in Taylor's video she has set a deadline of February 15. :) Read about it here