Deep-sea trawler at work

Today, time is flying!!

I realised that my commitment to simplicity has encountered a grave hiccup in the area of electronic filing, and I have begun a trawl through of my memory sticks to organise and de-clutter.  Blimey.  What can I say?  It’s like the bit in The Mummy where the librarian knocks over every single bookcase in the reference library and has to tidy it all up again.

It is, to say the least, time-consuming.  And I have other tasks waiting.

But in my scramblings among the foothills of electronic storage systems, I came upon this photo of a page from the little book Hebe made me; and today, as when I first saw it, I found those words, and the simple artistry of their presentation, were heart-stopping:


365 366 Day 52 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here

We had two of these.  This, in case you aren’t sure, is a Modest Cat Bathroom.   The reason we had two is that our rescue kittens proved lively little chaps, and in one of their death-defying stunts when they were a couple of months old, one of them very nearly didn’t defy death, and ended up needing surgery and four week’s isolation from his brother indoors shut in one room.  Watching him shin up the apple tree yesterday I had to marvel at our vet’s good work: and my, were we grateful for the insurance that came with the rescue package!

Anyway our furry purries are all grown-up, savvy and completely in charge of themselves now.  Unlike ignorant Western humans they know better than to attend to their personal needs indoors.  So the Modest Cat Bathrooms were Freecycled.