Valentine's Decor ~ Part II

Can you believe that Valentine's Day is next week??? Ahh, I've had so much fun decorating our home, not to mention planning the decor for our church's annual Sweet Sundae Shoppe!! [make sure to stop back for a peak at the projects I'm working on for that!] Here's the arrangement I made on a table in the dining room...the place I use for seasonal decor.

My cheese cloche is so multi-functional! I love finding new ways to use it each season. This time, I used my corks and love the finished result!

The letter "S" and some of my favorite Reader's Digest books filled up a space on the right side of the table. I found some wide gold ribbon, scrunched it up and secured it with a pearl-headed pin.

The topiary [of sorts] with red roses is made out of a round foam ball that is covered with crepe-paper roses that I made, inspired by this blog.  It took quite a while to make the patience is key for this project! Instead of making a topiary, I simply set mine on a vintage-style flower pot. Love it!! 

What are your favorite Valentine's projects?