World View Wednesday ~ The Gift of LIFE {a tribute to Truman}

All my life, I've been taught that every life is precious and a gift from God. With the birth of a daughter in the past year, and the death of our friends' precious baby, Truman, this truth has only been reinforced in my heart.

photo credit: Molly Whitmore Photography

Little Truman was born with a degenerative muscular disease and God called him home a few weeks ago. But in the four short months he was alive, his life was a real blessing to everyone that knew him. He had an infectious grin and brown eyes that sparkled with joy. Even though he wasn't able to move his arms and legs, he touched us with his heart. His life was precious, a gift from God.

I had to think of the many babies that are ruthlessly aborted, simply because they weren't planned for, or because a handicap of some form is detected before birth. Those precious lives were also a gift! They were created by God, for a purpose, and with love. How tragic that we've destroyed these innocent lives!! Only God knows what they could have accomplished, because in each person He places a small piece of Himself.  And those things that are viewed as "imperfect" often bring God the most glory.

Thank you, Truman, for reminding us that life is a gift. That it is precious. In your life, we see the hand of God. And in your smile, we see a glimpse of heaven.