The Waiting

Those stubborn teeth!
Yeah, you know...the ones that have turned my sunshine
into a sad little baby.
We've waited for a long time [5 months feels like a long time!!]
and they are still not through.
I can feel the tips so that must mean something is about to happen....

Ahh, the garden.
That dear neglected plot of ground that waits 
so patiently.
They say the cobbler's children go without shoes;
and I think the farmer's wife goes without a plowed garden.
[At least, until all the neighbors' gardens are planted!]

My family.
I miss them so much lately!!
I want to be there
to drop in and chat with my parents
to go shopping with my sister
and not have them miss all the sweet things Hadassah is doing.

But I can worship in the waiting.

'Til the teeth come in,
I will hold my baby and sing to her when she cries.
I will give her many things to chew on,
and pray those pearly-whites pop through very soon!
I will thank God she is healthy.

The garden always gets planted.
Let me never forget that!
Whether in March or May,
I'm glad I have a piece of ground that I can grow vegetables in.

Yes, I'd love to spend time with my family
but I'm blessed that they only live a few hours away.
I will get to see them soon, 
and in the meantime,
I will enjoy all the dear people who are family to me here.

I will worship in the waiting!