Green herbs

Our herb garden is so beautiful just now.  It grows right outside the kitchen window, where it's quick to run out and get some herbs to go in a salad or soup or stew.

It is so absolutely gloriously green.  

The parsley and calendula we put in last year have seeded brilliantly. 

And the catmint has begun to spread well. The cats eat it a lot. I think it smells like incense.  I love it. 

The sage was blasted by the frost and covered in snow in the winter, but it's come back bringing its sheaves rejoicing. And the southernwood just to the right of it is flourishing.

There are two herb beds - one is Hebe's.  She has two kinds of mint and some lemon balm just at the edge of hers here. 

We are not sure what this is.  It came by itself.  Either a foxglove or a baobab, we think.  Possible a triffid. 

Just beside the house we have this little tree nursery.   

Quite a few nettles near this end of the bigger of the two beds - they are very welcome. I use them for my tea.

And beyond the herb beds, the new grass we sowed this spring; with lots of lovely meadow herbs growing in among it. 


365 366 Day 129 – Tuesday May 8th  
  (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)     

Unnecessary instructions for machines.  The mode of operation is self-evident.  Nonetheless I have a compulsion to save the instructions just In Case.  Bit I overcame it and threw this away.  I have not regretted it.