Monday, May 14, 2012

Once more I find myself in need of change. What worked so well for a time, no longer suits the direction I am headed in. I've spent time journaling, meditating, following my feelings, listening to that all knowing inner voice, and have come to several conclusions that bring me peace... for now. ;)

So what's about to change? First, I have deleted the comments section here at Inspiration Earth. Not because I don't appreciate all of your considerate thoughts , but because it was becoming a way in which I was gauging my 'success'. Ditto with the followers. In an effort to leave an avenue of communication open I've added my email address to the sidebar. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions, comments or just because you want to say hello. I'd truly love to hear from you. :)

I'm also about to change my blogging style. More photos, less words... if that's possible. I intend to blog more often, but with less pressure. Perhaps I'll find time to pick up my camera again and go exploring instead of simply stealing all of Jordan and Taylor's gorgeous pictures!

Maybe these changes will lose me most all of my current readers, but I figure if one person is reading simply to tag along with me as I plod along on this journey, than it's all good. If one person opts for an earth friendly recipe over commercial chemicals, than I'm a very happy girl. If one person tries a vegan recipe as they contemplate how their food choices impact this planet, well, I'll be doing cartwheels through my backyard. It doesn't have to be about big numbers, just about big change... in small ways. :)

I'll still be reading some of my favorite blogs, but mostly from behind the scenes. I was spending so much time reading and commenting that I was left with no time to write. I need to find ways to remedy that. A better balance is always worth striving for. As much as I always have to say, there is more (much more) that I have to learn. Your blogs have taught me many things and so I will continue to read... quietly. :)

Writing here, in this format, gives me an opportunity to reach many people (or just that one) and opens up an avenue to share all of the awesome (and easy) ways to live a green and peaceful existence. It is a way to advocate and speak for the things that I hold dear. This blog has become almost completely about my cherished and meaningful journey of simplicity. As always, I thank you for joining me. Have a lovely day friends.

Peace & Blessings ~ Melinda