Yesterday we watched one of our favourite movies: The Scarlet Pimpernel.  If you aren't familiar with it, YouTube has it (it's the 1982 film) Fab. 

"Sink me!!"


Something said by Sir Percy Blakeney caught my attention:
"If we are to succeed we must persist with our anonymity."

How right he was.  The power of the hidden life should never be underestimated.


365 366 Day 173 – Thursday June 21st

 This cool bag for transporting frozen goods home from the supermarket would be a most useful possession were it not for two things: 1) We mostly do our shopping bit by bit on foot and take a shoulder bag to carry it home. This is more for car shopping.  2) On the occasions when we do car shopping we always forget to take the cool bag.
Thus we accepted that the reality is, this was surplus to requirements.

365 366 Day 172 – Wednesday June 20th

This looks like an unexceptional thing to part with, but a lot of my clutter was, and still is, composed of items like this.  This is a copy of the preaching Plan of the Hastings Bexhill & Rye Methodist Circuit, dating back a few years.  Its calendar is out of date, but I kept it as a useful directory of various Methodist preachers and ministers, lest the need arose to contact them.  Though it’s a joy to keep in touch with Methodist friends from time to time, I no longer have a need to contact any of the preachers by phone these days, so I recognised that keeping this document was better categorised as hoarding not practicality.  Even so, casting it out felt like scattering beloved ashes onto the water of the Ganges.  But that’s how it is: life flows on.