Friday, June 29, 2012

Recently, a friend unwittingly watered seeds of fierce irritation and frustration in me. I immediately recognized what was happening, and did my best not to become part of the judgmental and negative energy flow. Realizing that these words and reprimands were spoken with concern, I in turn chose my responses carefully and kindly, steering the conversation in a new direction as rapidly as I could. Sadly, while sparing the sensitivities of my companion much went unsaid on my end. Later I dealt with the consequences of this as I cleared my clogged and stifled throat chakra. Again. 

I meditated on the negative energy inside me and around me, and waited for the bubbles to rise to the surface. What was it exactly that had disturbed me so much? Thrown me so violently off course? I didn't have to wait for long, those bubbles rose quickly, with little encouragement or provocation from me. It seems they were just begging to be acknowledged. They were mad. Feet stomping, spittle flying furious. They certainly were fiery little buggers. As they rose I could hear one phrase, repeated over and over again, with righteous and indignant fury they screamed, tirelessly, "Leave Me Alone! Leave Me Alone! Leave Me Alone!" From my calm and neutral observation point I marveled at this livid mantra and realized these seeds hadn't only been watered, they had been fertilized too. Heavily. With tons and tons of ripe chicken poop.

I realize I am an unusual sort of gal, in fact, that's part of the reason why I like and respect myself so darn much. I'm not afraid to be different. I embrace my uniqueness. I'll admit that I'm not going to believe something you tell me just because it is the accepted norm. In fact, that is more often reason for me to question it, deeply. If new (or old) information piques my interest I will spend many, many hours researching it, and come to my own conclusions. Over the years this has created an eclectic and pretty interesting set of beliefs, should anyone have the interest to ask. Not that many do. While I may be too young to be called "The Crazy Old Ferret Lady", I see that day approaching. Rapidly.

While I hesitate to dig into the issue that watered my negative seeds in the unlikely event that this post is read by said friend,  I do plan on a post in the future to express my beliefs in this area. Not because I hope to change your mind, but simply to present another point of view. Another perspective that you may not have had the luck to stumble across at this point in your journey. And I guess that must be confusing for some people. Why, if I believe in this so totally, aren't I trying to convert the world?? Why not scream it from the rooftops? Why not shake people up with grim and fatalistic statistics? Well, that's not really my style anymore, but most importantly because I've been blessed to realize that what my be true for me, may not be true for you. Period. Period. Period. 

Really, all I ask it to be left alone, and I know others long for the same. Since I do not force or push my choices on you, I only ask for the same respect in return. I feel absolutely no need to defend my beliefs any longer, instead choosing to live a life of quiet peace. I can no longer tolerate the lectures. The disapproving glances. The sighs. As my bubble screamed so eloquently Leave Me Alone. Please. :)

The point of this post today is to ask you to please, please remember, as you make your way through this day, and every day after, to afford others the same respect as you would choose for yourself. The same freedom of choice. The same right to make their own decisions, no matter how 'wrong' they seem to you. Remember that your perspective is limited. It's shaped by your singular journey through this lifetime and often only affords a very narrow and one-sided view. 

No lectures or stern reprimands. Really, who likes being lectured at?? Embrace live and let live as your personal mantra and feel the weight of the world lift off of your shoulders. Keep your mind open. Awaken to the possibility that a new and improved view may suit you better. You may find that you've been wearing an outdated, moth ridden set of beliefs simply because they're comfy. Familiar. Maybe a brand new, slinky black dress is just what you need to discover the joy and happiness you've been seeking. 

Keep your eyes and ears open. There are so many awesome people out there with amazing, almost unbelievable info to share. But you'll only hear it if you're listening. You'll only see it if you're looking. Instead of judging ask questions. Ask why I eat as I do. Ask why I live as I do. Ask why I homeschool. Ask, ask, ask. With an open mind and an open heart. The answers may surprise you, and despite your initial reluctance you may find yourself slipping into that form-fitting, velour, sequined running suit. Just for the sheer fun of it. :)