Saturday, June 23, 2012

If you are a subscriber and receive my posts to your inbox (thank you!), you might want to click on the post  title (the date) to be taken directly to my blog today because I have a gorgeous new blog design!! 

I hired a highly competent blog designer, paid her richly, and went bug-eyed as I watched her maneuver through six pages of html nonsense. I choose lovely backgrounds, fonts and colors (and changed my mind every 30 seconds) while she did all the technical work. She was very patient (mostly) with me, but required  a slight attitude adjustment towards the end of our renovating process. ;)

Who is this whiz of blog make-overs you ask? And how much does she cost you may be wondering with breathless anticipation?  Well, I'm afraid she doesn't come cheap. So far she's received 14 years of free room and board, a live-in chef, a premium education complete with one-on-one tutoring, and all of the pets her mind can dream up...

 Yes, it is none other than my wild, crazy and artistic Jordan (My Rainbow Veins). You may also know her as the supplier of most all of the gorgeous photos you see here on Inspiration Earth.

So go ahead, wander around a bit. She put up that cool drop down menu on the side, it's pretty awesome. Roll over links and watch the color change, yup, all her. All I had to do was tell her what I wanted and it was done. Pretty cool.

One last detail. Look to your right, see that little box "Valet Service to the Top"? Go ahead, click it, I'll wait here....

Fun, right! C'mon, admit it, you did it more than once. (Or was that just me?) I have 'valet service' right now, but "Beam Me Up Scotty" was a close second. Taylor (Perfectly Sensible Nonsense) helped me out with that one, don't I have the smartest girls? :)

Oh, and that cool signature at the bottom? Yup, also new.

Have a lovely day friends. :)