Saving the Sisterhood

My sister, Freda [otherwise known as "Fredi"] and I were born 18 months apart.
Being so close in age, we both fought and defended each other fiercely.
We were best of friends and sometimes worst of enemies!

We did what sisters do: talked and laughed, shopped and traveled together.
We fell in love and then got married. 
With 3 hours between us, 
the time we spend together - just the two of us - is rare and precious!

So I was super excited when Fredi called to say she was coming down to spend the day
 with Hadassah & I! 
The biggest problem? 
Trying to fit everything we wanted to do in one day!!
It wasn't easy, let me tell you.

Downtown Harrisonburg is one of my favorite places!
The history and quaint stops complete me.
And I knew she would love Court Square as much as I do.

We stopped at one of my favorite restaurants, the Union Station Restaurant.
Their candied pecan salad is unbelievable! 
It's my favorite thing on the menu, hands down. 
If you haven't tried it yet,

Finally, I get a picture of my baby and me...
and she won't look at the camera!!!

Hadassah was in such a great mood, 
lucky for us...
because we love taking pictures! 
{Even if it means getting a complete stranger on his smoke break to take them! haha}

Watching my sister interact with Hadassah 
is priceless.
It is so important to me that my family is a part of her life,
whether they live next door or in the next state!

Note to self:
Always pack plenty of extra weather-appropriate clothes for the baby.
If you don't, that will be the day they have a blow-out
and their legs will freeze because 
all you have along is a short jean skirt!!

We laughed.
We talked non-stop.
We shopped.

It was the best day ever!!
She gets me like no one else can
and makes me laugh.
Saving the sisterhood, indeed.

I love you, Fredi!