There's a song I love that comes again and again to my mind, as something arising from my heart that I really want to pray.  But I can't find it anywhere online, so this is me singing it for you.  Best I can do.

*        *        *

Sorry if you wanted to hear it friends - you'll see from the comments that it's still under copyright and I don't have a license: so once more the copyright laws have done what they do best - ensure the work of artists remains unknown.

The song's here - but you can't hear it anywhere on the internet because of the copyright, and nobody sings it in church any more - so I guess it'll stay a beautiful mystery.


365 366 Day 174 - 176
Friday June 22nd – Sunday June 24th  

Some children’s books that I liked but the Wretched Wretch didn’t seem to take to – I suspect because the story was what you might call “made up”.  Real fiction comes from a place of truth, and rings true like the best kind of singing bowl.  These stories were more written by people who had a “message” (always somewhat leaden) in the case of Thee Hannah or else wanted to write about a world that had charmed them in the case of the one with the girls in blue bonnets, or create their own niche publishing in the case of the one about the bear (which is actually a true story I believe).  The red one is a thousand first words in Spanish – we had it for when we had our Spanish lodger, to identify words for regular household things.  I thought the Wretched Wretch would enjoy the pictures, but not so.  He prefers Shirley Hughes or Angry Arthur.  I guess these books just had too much of my own agenda.