The Cake Ball Conquest

I've heard so many drool-worthy reviews about these cake babies, 
but have had no luck at getting an invitation to a wedding where they were served. 
{I know, I've been cheated}
After I scheduled a spa party with my friend Andrea, 
I was thinking about food I wanted to serve and the words "cake balls" did a chant in my brain.
You know how necessary it is to make fun little appetizers that nobody else in your neighborhood has made before! haha
So I decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns, and just make some!
In case you are wondering, 
I am no Rachael Ray, nor shall I ever be. 
If I can make them, you have no excuse not to try!!!

Here's a step-by-step of the process I used in case you're interested! 

I made a cake, from scratch, and while it was cooling, I mixed up a half batch of icing. 
The recipes I looked at called for box cake mixes and bought tubs of icing.
You can use that, if you keep them on hand.
Since I didn't have them {and am such a do-it-from-scratch Mennonite at times!}
I made them myself. 
My SIL, Polly, just happened to stop in at the house while this was in progress, 
so I called on her expertise to crumble the cake, mix in the icing and shape it into balls.
She used a cookie scoop, which made them all uniform in size.
She's smart like that!
I melted some white chocolate wafers and we dipped the one end
of the stick into the melted chocolate and pushed it into the cake balls.
The hardened chocolate helps hold the stick in place.

Next, place the cake balls in the freezer until firm.
This is important!
We tried to dip some before they were frozen, and they just wanted to fall apart. 
It was a dream to coat them when they were solid!
I just rolled them from side to side, until the surface was covered.
Then I allowed the excess chocolate to run off before placing them in a strainer,
where they hardened.

I added some food coloring {gasp!} to the leftover chocolate
and drizzled that on the top.
I'd love to get more creative with this, if I ever make these again,
and maybe write initials or draw flowers.
It was so fun to add the finishing touches on them!

I found my stash of old white apothecary jars, and clustered the cake balls in them.
Then I smiled.
And snapped pictures.
I was so happy with the results!!!
I ended up with at least 35 cake balls, using a regular cake recipe.
Seriously, make them.
They are soooo deliciously moist and just fun to eat!

I also made cucumber cups, filled with chicken salad.
My husband loved how refreshing they were. 
{He sampled the food even though he wasn't participating in the spa!}
To make these, you just cut wedges of cucumber, and hollow out the insides with a melon scoop.
Fill with your favorite salad and sprinkle a little dill on the top.

A party is complete with a cheese ball, right? 
I think so!

So now I want to know, what are your favorite party foods?