Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, Fourth of July... in most households, those with kids anyway, these are the greatly anticipated and long awaited highlights of the year. The younger you are, the longer the days and months as you wait for the next approaching celebratory occasion. What flies by as an adult (how the heck are we halfway through 2012??) seems to creep by with excruciating slowness to those under the age of 12 or 13. Right around this time every year the girls await with anxious impatience for one of the most amazing nights of their year ~ the annual homeschool prom. Spring Fling Fever takes over our household with all the tenaciousness and ferocity of an epidemic. Normally sane and articulate girls temporarily lose the ability to converse about anything other than the big night. Other Spring Fling Fever symptoms include, but are not limited to, non stop chatter related to dresses, hairstyles, music, photos and plans. Who will be there? Who won't? How late will Mom let us stay? When will the dancing start? When will it end? Who will sit at our table? A constant stream of who, what, where and when. I will confess that the art of tuning out comes in very handy. ;)

The Spring Fling 2012!!
Date: June 12, 2012
Time: 6:00~10:00
Theme: Under the Sea
Attire: Formal 

 It all begins with an old church basement. Many hands meet, from the youngest to the oldest, to transform the ordinary into the magical.

Hanging crepe paper and streamers is made easier with a helping hand

 Fish, seahorses, octopus, and turtles turn the ceiling and walls into an undersea kingdom. 
The ironing station where 70 chairs covers, tablecloths and napkins go from wrinkled to crisp with the help of three awesome teenage boys. (Boys wielding irons, how cool is that?) 

Looking good boys. :)

Jordan and Riley Mae made dozens of fish and sea critters

 Happy, busy murals adorn the walls

What would a dance be without twinkling white lights?

Taylor was unable to join in the decorating this year, but Jordan and Riley spent the day, hanging out with friends and preparing for the biggest night of 2012

It's all starting to come together now...

Kim and Sue in the kitchen, hammering out the food details. Together they create a feast of marvelous proportions. Several food selections (always with a vegetarian option!) to satisfy even the most picky eater. They go above and beyond to accommodate food allergies and intolerances wherever they may appear.

Riley Mae and her two favorite gal pals

Preparations began immediately after lunch on the Big Day. Most years we allot a couple of hours to primp and prep, but still always manage to make it out the door just in time. This year they weren't taking any chances. I must say, the results were stunning. :)

This is Taylor and Jordan's fourth Spring Fling and Riley Mae's second. I serve as one of the waitstaff each year, serving fruit cocktails, salads and meals, refilling water and "sham"pagne as needed. It's a way to help out, but selfishly it also allows me to observe the girls enjoying themselves completely. It's a hot and tiring evening for those that are working (especially those in the kitchen, but well worth it when you see all of the smiling, laughing faces.
The transformation is complete. Music pulses in the background while girls and guys wait their turn for the professional photographer. The group shots are always the best!

Soon the lights will go down and the magic will begin...

Happy little seahorses, carved from melon, dance across a cup of delicious sweetness.
Yes, that is a cucumber crab! Can you believe the intricate details???

Hungry kids chow down on dinners beneath a canopy of glimmering lights
The dance floor before... 

 The dance floor after! The floor was packed and stayed that way until each kid was dragged off by a tired parent. (Some drove as far as 2 1/2 hours to get here!) The energy was high and the music was loud ~ the perfect dancing combination. 

Jordan and Riley Mae pose 

Gorgeous Miss Riley Mae. Usually the girls save up and buy their dresses themselves, or else wear what they can find in my closet! This year I treated them each to a sparkly dress of their choosing. Pink suits Riley Mae, don't you think?
Some fellow homeschooled pals

And that, is another highly successful Spring Fling. Tons of effort, tons of photos, tons of memories. 

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Peace & Blessings ~ Melinda