Further on skirts

This is the skirt I made from an old tablecloth yesterday. I photographed it in Fi's mirror which is less weird and doesn't distort.  That's what I really look like.

Yesterday evening when I finished it I thought it was a bit of a failure – but I think I tried it on with the wrong things – and it was dark and rainy yesterday, but this is more of a sunny day skirt.  Anyway this morning when I tried it on I thought it looked okay.

When I make new-from-old things, I think it’s fun to keep the characteristics of the old – so for example in this skirt, the back shows the edging of the original tablecloth

And the pockets are different, one made from the edging and another from nearer the middle.

This morning early I was up hanging out the laundry and pulling weeds from the vegetable beds.  Hebe, looking out of her window, thought “Gosh, there’s a medieval lady in our garden!”


I do think my clothes look a little odd, but as I am always drawn to odd things and only swap one odd look for another, I can’t see the point in bothering about it now.  Must be just me.

Oh, by the way – I think this is out now:  

It says so on Amazon.  Read it and let me know what you think!  Better still, review it on Amazon and let everyone else know what you think. x


365 366 Day 199 – Tuesday July 17th

I looked really grim in this top.

365 366 Day 198 – Monday July 18th

Hard to part with.  Kept this card for ages.  It came from the Wretched Wretch and his family, for my birthday the year before last when he was just a tiny baby.  I think - but I'm not sure - the picture might originally be from Judith Kerr's The Tiger Who Came To Tea.  Or maybe not.