Thursday, July 12, 2012

As a child the very idea of magic was enough to send shivers of excitement coursing through me. Marvelous goosebumps of anticipation. Anything could happen in the world of magic. Is it this way with all children? Of that I'm not sure, but somehow I don't think that all kiddos react as strongly to the death of that particular dream as I did. I remember becoming intensely angry and disillusioned when I realized that magic didn't truly exist in the world, at least the stuff of fairy tales. Fairy godmothers, elves and sprites were all filed away under The Lost Magic of Childhood. Truly, it bordered on a feeling of despair; I was more disappointed than I had ever been before. How dull and stale the world felt without the mystery of magic. Given the choice I would have preferred to live in the land of Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West may have been nasty, but at least she could fly on a broom and cast a cool spell. 

Over the years, even into adulthood, I was often struck with pangs of longing. It was particularly strong when I commenced reading the Harry Potter series to the girls when they were younger, now these were my kind of books. My favorites as a child had always involved magic ~ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time were particular gems. Hogwarts was right up my alley. There were so many times when a magic wand would have been just what I needed. A flick of the wrist... dishes done. Another flick... sleeping children. One more snap of the wrist... cellulite gone. ;)

Time marched on and to my utter joy do you know what I have discovered? It is information more valuable to me than I can convey here, with simple words. It is a realization I uncovered in my often surreal spiritual journey. Now? Now I  know that not only does magic exist, really and truly, but that we are all extremely powerful and talented magicians. All along I have possessed the proverbial magic wand, and since the day I was born,  the ability to wield it. Yes, I have discovered  true magic and it is much more fabulously fantastic than anything found in Cinderella or Rapunzel. After all, how many of us need a pumpkin coach or a pair of glass slippers? And it is just as mind-blowing as I always imagined it to be. Results don't always manifest instantaneously, but they always, always appear. With perfect timing and precision. Just. Like. Magic.

I spend a lot of time talking about Abundance here on Inspiration Earth {Abundance}. I don’t write about it as an interesting yet abstract theory, but as a very real and personal reality. Despite having studied and observed the laws of abundance up close and personal for several years now, I’m still amazed and thrilled when I watch it flow into my life time and time again. It often takes my breath away with the sheer awesomeness of it all. All I need to do is take a stroll through my home to see the material (I'll leave the spiritual for another day) manifestations, in each and every room. I thought I'd share some of them with you today, to clearly illustrate that in conjunction with the Universe we are capable of astonishing creation, and yes, magic. 

Back in early 2008 I hung a Vision Board up for the family to use. I encouraged everyone to become an active and conscious participant in their lives. Before long photos, words, dreams and desires covered the board. Scotty wanted a garage. I tacked up a photo of solar panels. Jordan drew a lizard. Taylorfound a photo of herself with clear and unblemished skin, before the psoriasis and eczema. Dreams of all shapes and all sizes. That was the intentional waving of the wand, each of us in turn, and in those moments a series of perfectly timed events were put into motion. How would they manifest? Walk with me...

Scott’s dream came to fruition first, but to be honest this was a dream long in the making. He had pined for a garage for as long as we'd been married. Then, in fall of 2008, a 2 bay garage with a workshop above was attached to our home. It was a lovely sight to behold. You may have noticed that many of the items that made it onto the  Vision Board were hugely expensive dreams, ones that would require thousands and thousands of extra dollars that we didn’t exactly have sitting around. How did we afford the garage? We didn’t. It was… a gift. Yup, a gift. Isn’t that crazy?? You just never know what amazing surprises the Universe has up her sleeve. They are always worth waiting for, as I'm sure Scott will agree.

Next up, Jordan's dream of a lizard. How did Miss Lucy enter our lives? In January of 2009 I received an email from a friend. Her sister was looking for a home for her Leopard Gecko and naturally thought of us. We had/have so many pets that people usually approach us first figuring we won’t notice one more. In this case, she was right. Lucy arrived on a cold winter day, complete with cage, food, handcrafted caves and dishes. She is the coolest pet, and wonderfully low maintenance. The cost to us? Once again, nothing. Completely free. I was really starting to dig this whole abundance thing...

When I had tacked the photo of the solar panels up on that board I did so with a quiet and solid knowing. I had no doubt that they would appear; the part that had me the most excited was the how. They were a huge expense and I wanted them to manifest in such a way that I didn’t feel them financially at all. Not even a teeny tiny bit of discomfort. It took some time for all of the pieces to come together, but I discovered that patience is a necessary component of an abundant life. Well, perhaps not necessary, but it sure does make the waiting easier. ;) Then, in May 2011, it all started to come together. { here and here } In October of 2012 we began generating all of our own electricity (and then some). It was a painless process and although it isn’t really ‘free’, it sure feels like it. The cost of the panels replaces our electric bill each month. Good enough for me. Not even a pinch. ;) 

Moving on to Taylor's contribution to the board... Tay’s wish for clear skin has taken the longest to manifest. In fact, quite happily, we’re watching the Universe take care of that right now. It has been a long and interesting journey, and I have learned tons about the human body as we’ve made our way to now. As I said earlier, sometimes the answers don’t come immediately, that’s where tenacious faith comes into play. You just hold on and know, know that it will come about. Oftentimes the dreams involve effort and participation from you, the magician. Taylor’s skin didn’t magically appear overnight, but it is still magical all the same, watching the spots melt away.

The above dreams and subsequent manifestations were clearly stated, you can draw a direct before and after from that piece of paper tacked to a corkboard and the conclusion. It doesn’t need to be so formal however, a string of thoughts will do. I had wanted a wooden wall clock with a pendulum for months and months. There was nothing available locally, and as much as I pined for one it wasn’t worth the prices I was seeing online. So, I waited. I envisioned it often and more than once wondered how it would appear. Fast forward to a chilly December evening... Scott came home from work with his arms full of goodies. His company, to express their gratitude for 15 years of service, had offered him a gift. Any item from the catalog. What do you think I found, several pages in? Yup, you guessed it. My clock. Nearly exactly as I  had imagined it. Free. Have I hooked you yet? With the simplicity of it all? 

I've got one more story of abundance to share, this one is the most recent and what prompted me to finally get around to writing this post. Jordan had decided she wanted a camera, a newer version of the one that both Taylor and I own. She declared her intention and even wrote it consistently in her journal, not afraid to share her goal with anyone/everyone who walked through the door. She intended to have her new camera by the Spring Fling, June 12, just a couple of weeks away. This was no small feat for a girl who earns a mere $10.00 in allowance each month. Jordan, however, had no doubts, she had watched so many things simply appear in her world. After all, what was a camera compared to solar panels? Or a garage? A mere drop in the bucket as far as the Universe was concerned.

The days passed and she made some sales in her Etsy shop. She worked in her Gramma’s gardens (twice), she went through the house and was part of a giant neighborhood yard sale. Her money stash kept building and building… but would she have enough? In time?

On June 7th, only 5 days before her self-imposed deadline,  we headed out for our afternoon walk. Here is a small piece of a conversation that took place between us (to the best of my recollection!)

Jordan (with a sigh) ~ “Looks like I might not have my camera before the Spring Fling.”

Me (always the optimistic ;) ~ “Jordan, you have no idea what could happen. You could go home to 4 sales. Or maybe the camera will go on sale soon and you’ll save tons of money.”

Jordan(petutantly) ~ “I don’t care if I save tons, I just want it now.”

Me ~ “Just wait and see, you have no idea what will happen, the Universe is pretty cool, be patient.”

The very next morning Jordan comes thundering down the stairs, bug-eyed. Her camera had gone on sale, actually dropped  more than 40% in price (overnight, she was checking in daily), and she was now only $14.00 shy of the cost. Could she please, please have her allowance in advance so that she could order it now? As I nodded and smiled I experienced that familiar inner thrill, it had happened again. It had happened again!! Her camera arrived on Monday afternoon, the day before the Spring Fling. Lydia is her name, and she accompanies Jordan just about everywhere, in fact most all photos here on Inspiration Earth are courtesy of Jordan and her good pal Lydia. :)

Those are just some of my stories, I can look around this room as I type and see so much more evidence of abundance. Your thoughts are so, so powerful, they set things into motion quickly, effectively. I am not an advocate of placing time limits on the Universe however. Jordandid that, and it worked out as I know it must, but limits invite in ego. They say I know what’s best for me and I want it now. Period. I’ve come to realize that when I allow the Universe to manifest my dreams in her own time the results are often much more spectacular. God sees the whole picture while I can only see a miniscule and tiny part of that whole. Based on that limited knowledge I acquiesce that perhaps I shouldn't demand and limit, but instead patiently wait for circumstances to appear that suit me best.

So go ahead, create a vision board. Journal your desires. Voice a thought. Wave that wand. Doesn’t it just give you goosebumps to think of the world you could create? Peace no longer seems like an impossibility. Love is only a heartbeat away. And that new kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming of? Heck, the Universe just sneezed and it's heading your way. ;)

Dream on friends, that’s how it all starts. J