Freshen Your Bathroom Naturally for Less Than $4 a YEAR!

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As we first began living a more green, eco-friendly, and financially conscious life, I learned pretty quickly that my beloved air fresheners and candles were probably not the safest or affordable way to freshen our home.

I tried buying cheaper candles, but noticed they don't really let off much of a scent.

I don't know the specifics of the science, but it's pretty obvious when you look at the label on any air sprays that they're probably spraying more than just a freshening scent in the air. We don't use store bought cleaning products, so I needed an affordable way to make my bathroom smell clean when it was clean instead of smelling like a pile of dirty cloth diapers... which are stored underneath the sink...

I also didn't want anything that was releasing harmful toxics or anything had a flame that would undoubtably attract my children and result in something that would probably not make my dad, a retired fireman, very proud.

So, I found this tutorial on Pinterest. All you needed was baking soda, a jar, and your favorite essential oil. It took me about 3 minutes AND it looked cute (bonus!)

The baking soda is supposed to "absorb" the orders and the EOs obviously release and enjoyable smell. I was excited! I WAS CRUNCHY!

But, I noticed after only a day it wasn't really the lavender-in-your-face smell I was hoping for anymore. I tried poking more holes in the top, adding more essential oils, even just leaving the top off all together but I still wasn't getting the fill-the-entire-room smell I was hoping for needed. It was more of a stick-your-face-right-by-the-jar smell.

Fast forward two months later

One day I accidentally bought the wrong essential oil from the health food store. I had meant to buy lemon but instead bought a lemon-scented-locally-made-fake-essential-oil-thing. Honestly, I don't know what it's called but it's not for topical or internal use (which I wanted) it's only for scent. I blame my mistake on the fact that the entire time we were in the store I was distracted by Evelyn trying to chuck the glass jar of probiotics at Will's head.

I checked my receipt and sure enough I had only spent $3.75 instead of $43 like most essential oils. I decided to keep it and opened it up. It smelled wonderful. And clean.

Our bathroom was exceptionally stinky that day so I filled one of the sinks with a little bit of warm water and put a few drops in. Ahhhhhh LEMONS!

And it continued to smell like lemons.
Until I let the sink drain that night.
But even then it stayed lemon-y for awhile longer.
And I did it again the next morning.

And that was my solution. I still keep a little jar of baking soda by my diapers (it doesn't really bother me so I figure why not?) but every day I fill up one sink, drop in two drops of my lemon scent and let it sit all day (or until I need the sink.)

If your bathroom only has one sink, I imagine you could also just set a little bowl of water on the counter and drop them in there!

A week or so later I randomly read that Crunchy Betty does something similar. It's been over a month and my lemon essential scent oil is barely empty at all (I'll admit I don't really use it on the weekends or days when we are out and about).

What about you, what are your favorite ways to freshen your bathroom (or home) naturally and affordably?

EDIT: Many of you are asking what the lemon scented oil is called and where to find it. It is an essential oil however the label stated "for fragrance use only". My brand is made locally by our little health foods store. I haven't tried it personally but did find this brand on Amazon which looks like a great option if you are unable to find it somewhere locally!

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Philippians 4:12

God Bless!