Day 28 . Intentional Parenting

I am honored to have a guest post today from an inspiring woman after my own heart! 
Babychaser, as she likes to be called, is a homeschooling mommy to 4 blessings (5 and under), wife to 1 wonderful husband, and follower of the Lord Jesus.  She is the keeper of their little home where she cooks from scratch, grinds her own flour, chases babies, and hires out the cleaning (for now), trainer of those precious souls, and dreams with her husband of living on a little farm one day.  She blogs at Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace about all of the above and more.  
I have been incredibly challenged with her series this month on Intentional Parenting and knew a lot of my readers would benefit from her wisdom. Enjoy the post and be sure to visit her at!
Intentional Parenting
I was simply honored when Beth asked me to share with you, her readers, about Intentional Parenting.  I've been enjoying her series and getting to know her a little bit through her blog.  
When she invited me to share with you all, she did so with a little light hearted confession:  "Parenting in general is something I was confident in... until our oldest turned two."  I have to admit that when I read it I laughed with her, but I'd read it wrong.  What I thought she said was... "Parenting in general is something I was confident in... until our oldest two."
I thought it was hilarious because, of course, she only has two children.  But really, I was agreeing with her.  Somehow I'd twisted it around in my head and, for myself, came up with something like this:  
"I had this parenting thing all figured out until my last four were born."

So let's get started...  Hi, I'm the mother of four children, 5 and under, and most days I'm still learning what it means to parent them.  As I've spent this last month focusing on Intentional Parenting, I've been reminded that parenting well is hard.   
Parenting intentionally means doing it every day.  Sacrificing my own desires.  Getting up off the couch.  Keeping my cool.  And all of this whether I've had a full night's sleep or not.  
Parenting intentionally means looking to the Word of God to guide me.  Thinking Biblically about my children.  And dying to self.  

So how can we get started?  I'd like to share three things we can do to get started in parenting intentionally!
1.Start each morning giving your children to God! 

They aren't yours anyway, right?  God has entrusted them to us to train up for His glory... for His will.  Whether it is before ever stepping out of bed, in a quiet "devotions" time on the couch, or while sitting with a two year old on the potty and a baby in your arms, talk to Him.  "Lord, these are your children.  Help me to be intentional today in how I train them.  Help every moment to bring You glory.  Amen." 

It can be as easy as that.  And Jesus tells us that whatever we ask in His name, He will do.

    2. Unplug!

    If you can't do this all day, at least strive for part of the day.  When I turn off my computer and set aside the phone (we don't have a TV or that would be off too), leaving myself in the dark ages, without reach of the outside world, I am able to be completely here... with my children.  This opens the door to being intentional!  It's so much easier if you can at least unplug during "kid hours".  

    3. Keep them with you!
    This is one of the keys to being intentional in your parenting.  If you aren't with them, you have no way of knowing what they are doing, not to mention no way of controlling what they are doing or to what they are being exposed.   You may choose to keep it as simple as staying together as you go about your days or as extreme as choosing not to use babysitters, keeping them in the church service with you and staying together throughout your days.
      It seems so simplistic to say that this is all you need, but understand, these are three things to get you started.  This is your jumping off point.  From here you have the ability to train them, talk to them about God and his commands, build relationships and whatever else you want to do... and all intentionally.  

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      "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

      Philippians 4:12

      God bless!