We bought a house!

One year ago we decided to do something big for our family.
We decided to move back to Michigan. We decided we wanted live more self sufficiently. More traditionally.

Finally, 11 months after we made the six hour move (into my parent's basement)... we have our own home and our own place to begin fulfilling those dreams.

It's old. It's... interesting. And it's perfect for us. 

The mini-tour.
Our front door! Original to the home. Opens to our front porch... with a few good tugs! Oh, and the lovely green carpet is hiding hardwood floors.
Lacey-lace. Every single window has these curtains. I have no idea what I'm going to sew with this much lace but I'm saving all of it. Maybe I'll make Evelyn's wedding dress.
The selling feature. Our half-acre city lot includes a large-enclosed deck, massive garden, mini-basketball court (with sidewalk to the 5+ car driveway), a 700 sq ft pole barn, and access to 14 acres of woods (which also provide a beautiful view from the slider door to the deck).
Character. This leaded glass window is my favorite little feature about the house!

Now we can officially begin our journey to homesteading (and home ownership!)... I hope you'll follow along and help us!

When did you buy your first home? What do you remember the most? What do you wish you had known?

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