She's Crafty

It amazes me sometimes when I throw caution to the wind and take on something that my insecurities would usually say no to. Crafts are not my thing. Creating something from scratch rarely happens, because usually I have a great vision with poor execution. It's usually cheaper in the long run just to go out and purchase whatever I want the first time rather than create it. It has recently come to my attention that that it isn't always about the final product, as it is about the journey of getting there, or the pride you feel once you are there. With the crazy post partumn hormones raging and an unusual amount of free time to browse Pinterest, the latest theme in my life has been "I can do that". It is so fun to look at and embrace how crafty I can be and how great I am naturally at some things. I am working on a few big projects that I am really looking forward to revealing, but for now, all I will say, is I am very proud of myself thus far.