Time is what we will remember

Well the world didn't end, and we have all lived to see another day. I try to live my life knowing that everyday could be the last. I know far too well, because of my job, how quickly a "normal" life can change. I have a million things to do tonight, but submitted to what I WANTED to do...spend time with my almost 3 month old son. I love the times when I truly listen to me, and do what I am lead to do, and not what I feel I have to do. Logan and I have been cuddling for 1 1/2 while I read, something I rarely do. These are the times that matter, and the things I will remember when I am back at work next week. The sweet smell of his head and the reassuring sound of his breathing. I love how content he is in my arms. Could there be any purer of loves?