Hooray for VirtualBox!

After tinkering for a bit tonight, I have discovered that my Magicjack will work in VirtualBox on my Ubuntu computer. The sound is not as clear but still coherent; my sister said it sounded like I was on a cellphone that wasn't getting the best reception.

I can deal with that. Should the need arise for a crystal-clear connection I can always boot the netbook or something for a bit. I don't use the phone that much so it isn't a big deal.

Tomorrow the rearranging will take place. I plan to remove everything from this desk and place it in a spot in the living room and the shelf in there will be moved into the bedroom where the desk is currently. This will allow me to use one computer for music, phone, general daytime surfing, chatting, blogging - as well as having a centralized spot so that I can better supervise my daughter when she is online.

Which reminds me - time to make her a user account on this Ubuntu machine. Hooray for Virtualbox! I can have my Linux and Windows too!