Artfire Adventure

I'll only have a couple of minutes, when my husband gets home we're watching the next two episodes of Lost on Netflix, we are officially hooked (on both Netflix and Lost!). In the meantime, I'd like to share what I've been up to today ~ setting up shop on Artfire! I've waffled about this for awhile now, mostly because of the work involved. Just a day ago I had decided against it... hmmm, I am prone to changing my mind ~ very quickly! I'm really drawn to the fact that it's a flat $10.00/month, and they have a guest checkout. If Etsy had these two things, I probably wouldn't have considered it, but I feel those are the two things that Etsy is lacking. Anyway, Inspiration-Earth.Artfire.Com is up and running. I haven't got all of my items listed in yet, but I've made a good start. Right now I'll just focus on the green products, I'm not sure what to do about the clipboards yet. I did spend some time checking out the new shop, seeing what they have to offer, and it looks good! Another part of my adventure...

Also got those 6 clipboards listed that I created the other day. I may not have sold anything today, but my daughter did, and she was thrilled, (one of my favorite photos.) We get so happy about sales around here! She also got the very, very exciting news that a publishing company wants to read one of her manuscripts, I'll just say she was on top of the world and leave it at that! ;)

Okay, I'm already running out of time, hubby's home... Lost awaits!