Prayer Caps for thee?

Hi chums.

I have been sorting through stuff at home.  I've quite an accumulation of prayer coverings - kapps, not veils - and have sorted out a little bundle of prayer caps surplus to requirements, in different styles.

If anyone is new to covering and would welcome a small stash of prayer caps, I'll put them in the post to her.

Anyone who would like them, send me a comment with the address they should go to, and I'll mail them on.  I won't publish any comment with an address.

None of the caps have ties.  There are two or three made by proper seamstresses and two or three made by me.  Ermm.... what else can I say about them?  Nothing...  Oh!  I have quite a big head, so they are large size mainly.

Let me know if thee'd like them.  Will send off to the first person who asks, and post a comment to say they've gone when claimed.