Birthday Girl

Today my Jordan turns 13.

She's quite pleased to officially call herself a teenager. I understand why, she hasn't fit her age in years. I remember when I turned 30, it was such a relief. I didn't dread the number, I embraced it! I felt like my age finally fit my life. I was never much of a 'twenty-something'. I knew where I was headed early on. I was married at 20, I had my own successful business by the time I was 21, had my first baby at 22, we built our home when I was 26. I never went through the experimental drinking and such phase, it just never appealed to me, and still doesn't. So, despite being just a number, 30 fit. Jordan has felt much the same way. At 12 she looked like she was 15. And not because she wears tons of make-up (in fact she wears none), or spends hours in front of the mirror making herself appear older than her age. It's simply how she carries herself. She has a style all her own.
Out of all three of my girls, she is the most like me, which at times makes her the hardest to raise, and yet at others, the most fun. All along I have loved the growing stages so much, when they were newborns, I didn't think it could get any better. Then the toddler years, now that was a blast! Now here I am at the teenage years, and loving them! I'm finding that the older they get, the more enjoyable they are! At this age they listen, and reason, and can carry on intelligent and interesting conversations. I truly enjoy their company, and not all parents of teens can say that.

My girls and I share much the same kind of humor, the same silly things will amuse us. At times we'll get to laughing so hard we find ourselves seizing and gasping for air. Those are the moments I want to fill this lifetime with.

Since we homeschool, we are together. Alot. So kindness counts here, big time. Jordan struggles the most with learning what to say... and what is best left unsaid. To her credit she's working on it, it took me until I was 30 to realize I didn't need to say everything that was floating around in my head. Finally, seven years later, I think I've got that figured out, maybe she'll get to it sooner than I did. ;)

This year to celebrate her birthday she had two of her best friends over, Jacob and Gray Storm (cool name, huh?). They watched a movie I refuse to, "Vampires Suck", a spoof of the Twilight movies. They were laughing so loudly that I decided it would be a good time to leave and take my walk! My timing was perfect, they had just finished up when I returned. I can hear them upstairs now, fooling around and laughing. They're so easy with each other, and so look forward to all of the time they spend together. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had such friends.

She picked her favorite foods for lunch ~ millet beanballs with creamy coconut sauce, roasted herbed potatoes, squash and a blueberry pie for dessert. Maybe not everyone's idea of a perfect meal, but for us it was a feast. Later we plan on watching another episode of Lost, and snacking on popcorn. My family has been calling, singing her 'Happy Birthday' all day. First Mom, then my sister, my dad, my brother... Nice and low-key, just the way I like it.

She spent the morning setting up her blog. She had to wait until the magic number 13 before Google would let her set up an account. I know she would consider it a lovely birthday gift it you'd mosey on over and follow her ramblings! Last check she had 2 followers, me and her sister! :) You can find her here: Rainbow Veins

So, it is hard to believe that it's been 13 years since she made her way squealing into this big, bright world, all 8lbs 8oz of her. As much as I adore this current age, and look forward to what is to come wholeheartedly, just for a moment I'd love to cuddle that little, chubby baby, inhaling the scent and wonder of her...

Happy Birthday Jordan!