I'm Smitten... with Etsy!

This morning I was doing some catching up on blogs that I follow. I decided from the beginning, that if I wanted others to read what I have to say, I should extend the same courtesy. So, I don't just read (yes, the whole way through!), but I always comment too. I mean, it's nice to know that someone was visiting, right? And I've learned new things, seen some amazing creations (I saw the coolest things made from ribbon this morning!), and met some totally awesome people.

As I was wandering this morning, I came across Linda B's Beaded Jewelry. Some of you may know the blog, she has a vast amount of followers and awhile back I was featured on a poll of hers, and shamelessly begged you for your votes! ;) She calls her feature: Linda B's Top Etsy Finds and the 'winner' of the poll gets a Blog Feature Interview. Boy, did I want that interview! I didn't win, but that's okay, it wasn't meant for me. But, you know what? I thought it looked like such a great idea, I thought I'd give it a whirl!

I used to spend time in Etsy, browsing through the undiscovered shops in Pounce. I would find one that appealed to me, feature it on my Facebook page and hope I gave this new shop a boost of confidence, after all, at least I had seen their store, and now my handful of FB fans had also. I remember in the beginning waiting, just waiting for that first sale, and how exciting it was when it finally happened. I would love to help create that same joy in a fellow Etsian. :) So, I went hunting, and of course I found some gems! I was only going to include 6 in my poll, but I found another that I couldn't resist. So, here's the deal: I'll post pics of the 7 items I discovered and each photo will link to their shop if you'd like to check it out closer. Feel free to spread the love and favorite what you like, I checked my 'heart' status daily in the beginning and felt so warm and fuzzy when someone bestowed a precious heart on me! I'll leave the poll open for... let's see, 5 days, and the winner will get an interview on this blog. We're bound to meet some great artists! So, let's begin~
I'm always impressed by artists, and how they can create such beauty with the stroke of a brush. I'd love to fill my home with works of art like this, it makes me feel peaceful just to gaze at it. It can be found at MagGallery

This is from AquadarWatercolors. I've always been in awe of painters, it's an art I'd love to learn one day. Doesn't this fruit look good enough to eat? This was my favorite in the shop, but it was a hard choice, there were many others to choose from, and I thought the prices were great!

RootFamilyFarm is the name of this shop, and I always get a little bit giddy when I find a beauty care product that I will actually use. Many of you probably aren't aware that most soaps are chock full of chemicals, known toxic additives and artificial fragrances and dyes, it's enough to make you shudder. There's only one thing that would make this simple soap even better, think I can convince them to make a bar using organic ingredients? ;)

I have made my share of quilts and know how many hours go into creating one. This one was so adorable it caught my eye right away. It can be found in TwoBuddsTotShop. I had trouble deciding on my favorite...

I've spent some time needlefelting, I even sold them in my shop for awhile. But the sheer amount of time involved made me decide they weren't something I could keep stocked! So, when you look at one of these needlefelted creations and may possibly be surprised at the price, assume they took hours and hours to create! The price on this birdy was excellent, and he's so cute I want to eat him up! You can find him at NoaJordan on Etsy.

Okay, not a clue where I would wear this, but isn't it cool? I can kind of picture me shoveling out the goat shed, feeling like a queen... ;) You can find it at GarlandCrowns, along with several other equally bold designs!

Yes, another quilt, and isn't it beautiful? Those colors are so soft and cozy, I just want to snuggle up in it! You can find this, and other gorgeous quilts at ClaudiaRoseDesign
Yes, once again I had fun hunting through Etsy Pounce. The little booties made from deerskin and bunny fur didn't make the cut, in fact, I think I gasped when I saw what they were made of!
So please, cast your vote, let's see how this goes! (Basically that means... let's see if I can keep up with myself! ;) Poll's open ~ let the voting begin!
Have a great night all! Peace ~ Melinda