To Do List... Done.

I walk almost daily. We live out in the country, so my walks are quiet and peaceful. I use them to clear my mind, a walking meditation most days. Yesterday was a different story. I had so many loose ends flying around in my head, I knew a walk would help me sort them all out! So, I leashed up Willie and off we went.
 This is Willie, collapsed in the front yard, soaking up the sun upon our return.
He is a fabulous walker, but his stamina leaves something to be desired!

 Willie is the best walker ever! I'm short, never quite made that 5 foot mark so my strides are pretty short too (go figure!). Willie matches my pace perfectly, we're a great team.

Anyway, first I had to decide what to do about my daughter's birthday which is... next week!! I confess to having burnt out on birthday parties. My oldest will turn 15 this year, and I've planned enough parties to last me a lifetime! ;)  However, after thinking about it carefully, I came up with a small party idea for Riley Mae, who'll be 11 next week. It'll be an intimate gathering, but I promised Riley a scavenger hunt, and she was all for it! I threw together the invitations last night and sent them off today. They were simple, but I was kind of running out of time!

Since we homeschool, our parties are always during the day, which is good for me because I like to leave my weekends wide open. So, great, one thing crossed off my list! Next, I tackled a doll outfit that I'm working on. I'm attempting a little velor running suit. Yes, I'm still going crazy with the doll outfits, I just listed 3 in my Artfire shop this morning (I pay Jordan a dollar an outfit to photograph them for me, she does a great job and enjoys is so much more than I do!)

I was struggling with how to make the velor sweatshirt, but I think I may have figured it out. We'll see when I next get a chance to sit down at my machine. I love the jacket above with the button closures, that was a finshed product I was thrilled with. However, that little jean jacket/mini skirt makes me giddy when I look at it too! I find coming up with these new designs to be such a stimulating challenge, I'm having great fun with it!

I also decided while walking, that today would have to be a catch-up morning. The sewing machine would stay silent, until I caught up on my chores. I wrote out all my birthday thank yous, figured out my food coop order, listed those outfits, did some picking up (I don't work well surrounded by clutter. My desk was a disgrace after pulling those invites together last night!) and now I'm blogging.The only thing left on my list is to help my Jordan henna her hair after lunch. I'm afraid of what'll happen without my help... ;) All in all I'm feeling pretty great. I think my machine will be back in business tomorrow morning! :)

One last thing before I sign off~ if you haven't voted for your favorite undiscovered shop, don't miss out on the fun! Here's the link to the post "I'm Smitten... with Etsy" with the poll on the left of your screen. I know that each of these new Etsians will appreciate your support! It's a pretty exciting race, the needle-felted bird is head to head with the Mermaid Crown... ooohhh, the excitement! :)

Happy, happy Tuesday one and all! Peace ~ Melinda