Mission Accomplished

This is one of the listings that I revised yesterday, trying to make is a better deal. I wish that I could supply every home in America with my green all purpose cleaner! Maybe someday...

I did it. I finally caught up on all of the blogs that I follow. I love to read the writings of fellow bloggers, but with such a full and busy life, I sometimes have a hard time finding spare minutes to catch up. But, today I have done it, because I decided today will be 'Blog Day'. Yesterday was 'Etsy Day', tomorrow is slated for 'Artfire Day'. I hope to be deliciously caught up by the end of the weekend! So yesterday, I spent time working in my Etsy shop, Simply Smitten. I had some pics to retake, some listings to rewrite... tons of little details that take hours when they're all strung together! I did want to create a treasury, I've been featured in so many lovely collections lately and wanted to return the favor, but Etsy had some glitch going on, and so I met with no success there. That's okay, maybe today, even though it is officially Blog Day. ;)
As I was systematically going through blogs (I think I may follow way too many!) I came across some real gems. I mean, most I already knew were treasures, but I feel compelled to share some with you. I read some that make me laugh, some that are moving, others that inspire. Here is a sampling of my favorites:

Dreams of Fae ~ I read every post, even if I have a week's worth to catch up on! Some may be aware that the author of Dreams is my 14 year old daughter, Taylor, but for those of you that don't, she's an amazing girl and her blog is worth following. She's intelligent, witty and loves to write, so her blog recieves almost daily attention from her. I'm jealous.

As the Warped World Turns ~ if you aren't a follower of her blog, that should be on you 'to do' list for today. She makes me laugh out loud (really, most days my girls hear me, and come running to see what I find so hilarious!) She's extremely talented, honest, and well... groovy! ;) I always look forward to reading her posts, and learning more about her. She too manages to blog frequently. Did I mention that I'm jealous of that? (Look for an upcoming feature on Inspiration-Earth)

A View From the Furry Side ~ a blog from a dog's perspective. Short and sweet, I love it! It always manages to make me smile, and that dog is adorable!

Katie's Cows and Udder Things ~ first of all, what a great name! I love this blog because it's so easy to read. She's not pretentious, just talented and great at sharing her life. When I read her blog I feel like I'm sitting at my kitchen table, sipping tea and chatting with a friend.

Laughing Crow Knits ~ this is a very new blog that I follow, but her bravery in sharing a challenging life experience is inspiring. I love honesty and depth, in fact even though I can make small talk with the best of them, I hate it. I love to get to the details that matter, what makes a person tick.

So, here it is, not quite 9:30 and I've accomplished one of my goals today, and this was a big one. The other is to get outside and do some yardwork. I'm so excited to see the snow finally melting that I'm creating jobs to do out there! The sun is shining with temps getting up to the lower 50's... heaven. I'm going to rake up tons of sticks, get out the deck table and chairs, sweep out the shed, maybe take a walk...

Have a great Saturday! :)