Robots ARE Awesome!

Oh, this is always such a challenge... I finally have a window of time to sit down and blog... but what about??? How do I choose one of the many ideas rattling around in my head! ;)

This one is fresh, so I'm going with that! My nephew's birthday is on Saturday, his party is on Sunday. When I asked my sister if there was anything in particular that he wants, she told me 'hexbugs'. Huh??? What the heck is a hexbug? I blindly wandered the toy aisles of Walmart for a while, no idea what I was looking for, but pretty sure I wouldn't like it. I gave up after a bit, I admit it wasn't a HUGE effort on my part but, no hexbugs to be found. So I came home and browsed the trusty Internet. I found them right away, and decided that there was no way I could spend (waste) my money on these things. Where to turn now? Why, Etsy of course.

What came to mind right away was this blog that I follow, Robots are Awesome. She's always got these adorable, little robot creations, I really find them irresistible, and I think I was just waiting for an opportunity to purchase one! Next stop: I visited her Etsy shop RobotsAreAwesome.Etsy.Com and perused her selections. One jumped out as me right away, the girls agreed with my choice and I eagerly purchased the Blue Benson.

My little robot was shipped out right away, with a note from the shop stating he was on his way. It arrived several days later and what a treat! It was packaged beautifully, tied with jute, happy little notes everywhere. It was simply a joy to open, and I hadn't even gotten to the robot yet!

When I did, he was even cuter than the photo (and it was a pretty darn good photo!). My Jordan held him reverently in her hands and decided she wanted to keep him. ;) Finally, I pried him away from her, and carefully settled him back in his box. This is just one of the reasons why I love Etsy so much. Where else can you make a purchase and have it arrive so personalized, wrapped so carefully, and made with such love. It's what keeps me coming back for more, and more, and more! Now, we'll see if I can part with him when Sunday rolls around... :)