Hello barefoot bunnies.

Well, the first of the barefoot footwear I ordered arrived in the mail.

Annoyingly, the ones I was specially interested in - Sockwa, Soft Star, and Luna Sandals, are all US products, and therefore can neither be obtained from a UK address nor tried on in a UK shop.  And as we know, brothers and sisters, postage from the States to England don't come cheap.

I took the plunge anyway, carefully checked all the sizing info, and ordered some of these shoes, as they are relatively inexpensive.

Now I have biiiiiig feet.  Oh yes.  My feet are (depending on the make of shoe) either 43 or 44 - which is UK 9 or UK 10 - which is a size up for the US, so size 10/11 US.  Though the charts do vary.

Our Hebe has size 8ish UK feet, Alice has 7.5ish.

Anyway, I ordered these Sockwas and they promptly arrived.  I ordered the size that said it was US 11, UK 10-11, Eur 44-45 - should have been fine and erring on the big side.  Not so.  They are too small for me, too small for Hebe, and fit Alice perfectly.  Also I have thick ankles (tendency to oedema) and they are tight round the ankle.  I could send them back, and that would cost me another £8 - £10 postage, and no guarantee the next ones will fit either; so hey - this is what I plan to do - give 'em to thee.

Concentrate carefully now.

What thy feet has to be is about 7.5 - 8 UK size.  That would be 41-42 Eur size.  That should be (I think) about 8.5 or 9 US size?  And thee needs not thick ankles.  More the bony sort.

What the shoes are, is kind of like thick socks made of stout nylony stuff, but with soles thee can wear outdoors.  They are made for playing on the beach not trudging miles of concrete.  Here they are if thee wants to look at the website.  They are the high-top Playa in black.

Just let me know if they are the right size for thee and thee would like them, in a comment here.

If someone has posted to say they would like them, assume I will be sending them to that person - so check comments before posting a comment thyself.

If thee leaves a comment to say thee would like them, I will publish that, and add a comment of my own saying  "OK dude, send me thy address and I'll mail them to thee."  When thee sees that reply, post a comment with thy home address, which I will not publish online but use for the purposes of mailing the sockwas to thee and thy tiny little feet.  OK?